College Corner: Week Four


Rory Summerville, Managing Editor

College Corner reviews five seniors every week on where they have decided to attend next year, what they’re excited for, and what they love about it.

Name: Sydney Rubenstein

College: Case Western Reserve University

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Mascot: Spartan 

Why CWRU? 

“I chose Case Western because I wanted a small/midsized school with a good Speech Pathology program. There is also so much to do on and around campus, like going to Little Italy, restaurants, and museums. I loved it so much that I committed on my way home from visiting!”

What are you most excited about? 

“I’m most excited to be able to study Speech Pathology and get hands-on experience since I’m so passionate about it. The Cleveland Clinic and University Hospital are right on campus which is perfect for shadowing and volunteering, I can’t wait to have this experience!”


Name: Gavin Hone

College: Villanova University 

Location: Villanova, Pennsylvania

Mascot: Wildcat

Why Villanova? 

“I chose Villanova because I thought it has a great community of people and the school holds strong traditions. I’ve liked the school since I was little because my parents went there. It has a great balance of academics, club activities, sports, and other cool traditions.”

What are you most excited about? 

“I’m most excited to meet new people and grow new friendships. I’m planning on joining the club lacrosse team which will be pretty exciting as well.”


Name: Lily Bryant

College: Davidson College

Location: Davidson, North Carolina 

Mascot: Wildcat 

Why Davidson? 

“I went to Davidson campus my sophomore year and I just knew that was where I wanted to go, after visiting the school I had no hesitations about where I wanted to go.” 

What are you most excited about? 

“I’m most excited for new people and warmer weather!”


Name: Olivia Witte

College: Marquette University 

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Mascot: Golden Eagle 

Why Marquette? 

“I’ve always loved the idea of Marquette because it had everything I’ve always wanted in a school; it’s in a city, it’s a mid-sized school, and it just feels like home. I loved the idea of Marquette even before I stepped foot on campus, and after visiting, there was no question in my mind that it was the school for me.”

What are you most excited about? 

“I’m really looking forward to meeting new people, exploring Milwaukee, and attending basketball games!”


Name: Connor Kuchman

College: Wake Forest University 

Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina 

Mascot: Demon Deacon 

Why Wake Forest? 

“I chose Wake Forest because they care about their students with an intensity that I had never seen before. During the college search process and when I talked to multiple friends, the concept of anonymous, large, lecture halls seemed to be a myth in their experience. This was huge for me as a student, especially with the past few months of Zoom school.” 

What are you most excited about? 

“I’m excited to explore a lot of different opportunities/career paths in my first two years before I have to pick a major.”