How Covid-19 Has Impacted Girls Varsity Basketball


Molly Fisher, Staff Writer

After winning two Regional Finals on our home court and making history by winning the first Sectional Title in basketball history, the Girls Varsity Basketball team exceeded all expectations. Following a heartbreaking loss to Fremd in the Sectional Finals last year, our team knew the upcoming year was the year to set the bar higher than ever before. 

However, our team hasn’t stepped foot in the Competition Gym since our win over Stevenson in February of 2020. COVID-19 has affected everybody’s lives, but our team still hasn’t given up hope to win a third straight Regional. 

Despite not being able to begin our season, each player is putting forth their best effort to hopefully make history again. Whether it’s waking up at 6 am for training, getting 500 shots up, or watching film, our team is motivated. 

Junior Tricia Gray has stayed focused and kept busy in the offseason. 

“Covid has kept us from playing our season, but I’ve made sure to keep working. I’ve trained with Coach Q on the off days and I have also shot and made sure I kept up with my ball handling,” she said. “I’ve also made sure to check in with my teammates and do zoom practices. This way we can continue to grow as a team, but keeping it safe through the pandemic.”

Some athletes may see COVID as a time to be disappointed about not being able to play the sport they love, but sophomore Bella Ranallo sees this time as an opportunity.

“Covid has pushed me to become stronger by working out more and putting more shots up. Even though [this time] has not been ideal, I wouldn’t have been the player I am today without it,” she said. “I’m still really hoping we can have a season so that pushes me to be the best I can be so when the season comes around we will be ready to be successful.”

This team is a family. Throughout the school day or on weekends, you will find us together. Not playing this year has truly been something none of us could have ever imagined. 

After continuous injuries, senior Olivia Witte was finally looking forward to a fresh start. 

“I’ve been a part of the Lake Forest basketball program since I was in 5th grade. Every year during feeder we were invited to see the varsity team play in the comp gym. It was inspiring to watch the older girls play with so much effort and heart and I wanted to be just like them,” Witte said. “Well here I am, a senior on that team I grew up idolizing, unable to give my all in what would be the last season of my basketball career. It is heartbreaking to consider that I may never have another chance to create unforgettable memories with LFGBB.” 

From early morning shoot-arounds to conversations in Wilhelm’s office, followed by Forest Greens runs, to making Lake Forest Basketball history, this team has created cherished moments.  

“It’s heartbreaking to know I may not get to play another game with LFHSGBB,” Senior Finola Summerville said. “I’ve been a part of this team since my freshman year, and every team I’ve been with during those three years has become so close during the 5 months we spend together. Basketball is much more than a sport to me. I can always play in another basketball game, but the thought that I may not ever be able to step onto the comp gym again, blast music during pre-game, and just be on a team that means everything to me, is heartbreaking.”

I am currently a Senior captain for the basketball team. For me, basketball is an outlet to get away from life’s daily stresses. Playing on the Girls Varsity Basketball team at LFHS has allowed me to make unbreakable friendships with every one of my teammates. Not experiencing a season this year so far has taught me that I cannot take anything in life for granted. February 27, 2020, may have been the last time playing with my best friends and the last opportunity to wear blue and gold. 

Throughout this experience, I have learned that some of your very best moments can become memories in an instant. With hopes of running onto the Comp Gym floor this year, our team stays focused and optimistic for news that our season can begin.