Chicago Bears Offseason Wishlist

Edward Torosian, Staff Writer

The Chicago Bears went through a rollercoaster of a season in 2020; after starting 5-1, losing 6 straight, and finishing 3-1 in the concluding 4 games, the Monsters of the Midway ended the season at a very average 8-8.

To the excitement of many fans, they somehow found their way into the postseason as the third wildcard in the NFC after a Cardinals loss in Week 17; however, this may have been the worst thing that could have happened for the Bears.

A postseason berth means the season goes down as a “success.”

“Why would you clean out a team that made the playoffs?” some might say.

Had the Bears missed the wildcard, there would be no doubt in anybody’s mind that something major must be changed. That being said, changes will no doubt be made this coming offseason, and here is what I would like to see.

1. General Manager

I believe the Bears did the right thing in keeping Ryan Pace through 2021. Did he mess up trading up to draft Trubisky? No doubt. But he has also made some incredible picks in recent years, like Eddie Goldman, Roquan Smith, Leonard Floyd, Darnell Mooney, and Cole Kmet.

Not to mention he was able to trade for a top linebacker in the league in Khalil Mack. A change at the general manager position should definitely be in the works should the Bears’ struggles continue through next season, but for now, Ryan Pace should stay.

2. Head Coach

Chicago also did the right thing in keeping Nagy.

Nagy was the NFL Coach of the Year in 2018 and although the Bears only finished 8-8 this year, he did a great job coaching.

He recognized when it was time to give up play-calling and he coached his players through a 6 game drought, bringing them back and finishing strong while switching around the offensive line and the quarterback positions.

Matt Nagy should stay.

3. Quarterback

As painful as it is to say, Trubisky shouldn’t come back next year.

He’s had 4 years to prove himself, but he hasn’t succeeded. At some point, the Bears can’t keep giving him more chances, and there is no better time to cut the cord than this offseason when his contract is up.

With Deshaun Watson itching to get out of Houston, Chicago is a top contender to trade for him. This would be the ideal outcome; not only would Chicago get an MVP caliber quarterback, but if Watson comes to the Bears, wide receiver Allen Robinson might stay too.

Anything should be on the table to trade for him, but the offer would likely involve Mack and a few early draft picks.

However, if we can’t acquire Deshaun, then we should stick with Foles for the remainder of his contract (one more year). With a late draft pick this year, we are unlikely to get a top quarterback out of the draft, and with an intimidating schedule next year, we might be able to draft a superstar.

4. Miscellaneous

The offensive line has to be a focus for this year’s draft, along with possibly secondary defenders.

We could make some trades in the time off too; anybody could be on the block, including Khalil Mack, as the Bears could get great value for him. With Tarik Cohen returning to action next year, along with an improved offensive line and breakout superstar David Montgomery, our run game could be unstoppable in 2021.

If whoever the quarterback turns out to be can hold his own, with the right moves, the Chicago Bears are on a clear path to greatness.