E-Learning Hilarity: A Quote Story

E-Learning Hilarity: A Quote Story

Kailey Albus, Editor-in-Chief

There’s an upside and a downside to the recently modified procedures for in-person learning at LFHS.

Downside, the juniors, and seniors that opted to learn in the building are going to have to continue their studies at home for the time being. They will have to sit through seemingly endless Google Meet sessions, deal with the clutter of supplies on their desks, and tolerate their parents’ accidental appearances in the back of their calls.

Upside, they get to experience all of the antics that e-learning has to offer for just a little bit longer. 

Whether you’re in person or fully remote, it’s hard to argue the fact that the cluelessness surrounding online learning is absolutely hysterical. Teachers, students, and staff members alike run into problems on a daily basis, and even if nothing interesting occurs in your first class, you’re bound to hear about it from a friend by the time the second period begins. In a way, the e-learning fails have brought us all a little closer together; we’ve grown to accept the fact that we’re all human – that teachers will forget to post an assignment, that students will have issues submitting them, and that sometimes, we all forget when class actually starts. 

Below are a few specific instances that have made students laugh throughout their school days. Although they cover events that have occurred in every grade level, these don’t even begin to reflect the daily hilarity that goes on within our screens.


“I fell asleep in class one time, and the teacher asked who was breathing like a zombie. I was mortified, but they weren’t wrong”

“My cat walked on my keyboard during math and logged me out of my class. No one asked me why I had left or anything, but now I can’t do e-learning in my living room anymore.” 

“My teacher’s computer logged him off of the Google Meet during class, so for ten minutes we all just sat there on our phones. After he figured it out, he started hysterically laughing. He told us that he had no idea he was logged off and he was just sitting there teaching to himself for 10 minutes.”

“A kid in my class didn’t realize he was unmuted and started talking about how much he hates the class…in front of the class.”

“My mom came into my room during my largest class and fully yelled at me for not doing the dishes while my mic was on.”  

“One time, I accidentally unmuted myself in choir while I was singing the song we were working on. It was only for a second and we were on a break, but I had people texting me “nice voice” for the rest of the period.”

“My English teacher awkwardly spent 20 minutes trying to convince the class that the incest in Oedipus Rex was culturally accepted in ancient Greece, and when she stopped, she muttered “that was brutal” to herself before muting her mic entirely. It’s not something that would only occur through e-learning, but it’s still pretty hilarious.”

“My teacher thought his mic was muted and proceeded to talk about the famous teacher pub crawl in front of the 20 kids in our class. Apparently, they’re doing it virtually this year!”

“My screen froze once while I was scratching my nose. I still don’t hear the end of it from my friends about me picking my nose in 8th period.”

“I’ve accidentally had my mic on while scrolling through TikTok too many times. No teacher has ever called me out for it though; I think they’re just confused whenever it happens.”

“There’s a student who comes to class with a new prop every day. For our last class, he brought a Windex bottle filled with water and squirted it into his mouth for the duration of the period. It takes a certain level of commitment to follow through on something like that – honestly, I’m impressed.”


Happy e-learning, Lake Forest, and consider adding props to your next online classroom appearance.