Netflix Documentary: Chef’s Table Review


Annie Kelly, Staff Writer

Whether you’re a foodie or not, the documentary, Chef’s Table, is guaranteed to catch your attention. Each episode in this documentary is intimate with world-renowned chefs, or culinary stars from all over the world. It gives a unique look into their immaculate skills in the kitchen and also their lives beyond it. 

We see the chef’s background, their talents, and their passion for the food they cook and the dishes they create. It is filled with the featured chef’s love for food, and their love for the people and things that made them successful. 

With six seasons, four to six episodes in a season, and about 50 minutes in each episode, this documentary can definitely fit into one’s schedule. The episodes go by quickly, but they never fail to keep you entertained. 

While watching this documentary you feel as if you are seated at the “chef’s table.” You hear their personal stories and get a front-row seat as they prepare their special dishes. 

This Emmy-nominated show is a great watch either by yourself, with friends, or with family. Chef’s table is unquestionably a feel-good show that will inspire and bring you joy. Episodes feature well-known chefs like Christina Tosi, founder, and owner of Milk Bar who also holds 2 Michelin stars. Nancy Silverton is also featured, who is the founder of La Brea bakery, and winner of the James Beard Foundation’s Outstanding Chef Award. 

Along with these two amazing chefs, one of the episodes features Grant Achatz. Achatz is Head chef and owner at one of the world’s best restaurants, Alinea, located a quick car ride away in the city of Chicago. He holds three Michelin stars, beat tongue cancer, and is known as an expert in molecular gastronomy, a type of food science. In this episode of Chef’s Table, you get a look at his battle with cancer while working at Alinea, his determination, and how he got to where he is today.

The dishes prepared and the chef’s features on this show are like some you’ve never seen before. Each episode in this documentary is filled with breathtaking gourmet creations. Once you watch one episode you’ll get hooked and will want to explore the world full of culinary talent that this documentary introduces to you.  

Next time you are searching through Netflix not knowing what to choose, consider Chef’s Table as your next watch. Not only does this show leave u with a need to whip something up in the kitchen, but also a new appreciation for food and most importantly, the people who create it.