The Rise of Cam Newton

How the former MVP was dealing with injuries and being cut by his former team, to MVP form on a new team


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Cam Newton hyped after a rushing touchdown against the Miami Dolphins

Nick Winebrenner, Staff Writer

After years of domination from quarterback Cam Newton, the 2019 season arrived with the great anticipation from Carolina Panthers fans. During that season, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton played two games while throwing no touchdowns and one interception. He was then benched for the remainder of the season and cut by the Panthers in March of 2020. 

After three and a half months of being a free agent, the New England Patriots signed him to a one-year contract. 

Throughout the course of Cam Newton’s career, he has been the man. He won the Heisman in 2010, then won NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2011. In 2015, he went on to win the MVP and to lead his team to a 15-1 record and the Super Bowl. 

Since then, he has played 3 full seasons and has missed a multitude of games due to shoulder, foot, and head injuries. 

In the 2020 NFL offseason, it appears that no teams were interested in signing Newton. Then, Tom Brady, the New England Patriots quarterback of 20 years, signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

Bill Belichick, the Patriots legendary coach, decided to take a chance on him, as he did not have a “star” quarterback. 

Throughout the offseason, players and coaches all over the Patriots organization have been raving about the hard work that Cam has been putting in.

Patriots receiver, N’keal Harry said this about the hard-working nature of Cam Newton,

“I’ve never seen him go home.”

This statement highlights the unthinkable, hard-working nature of the new Patriots starting quarterback when viewed by one of his young receivers who obviously looks up to the veteran. 

On top of this statement, six-time Super Bowl champion, and living-legend Bill Belichick also said “nobody works harder than Cam does.”

With all this talk about how hard Cam Newton works and how good he’s been in the past, if you’re going to talk the talk you’ve got to walk the walk, and Cam absolutely walked the walk.

In his first game with the Patriots against the Miami Dolphins, Cam Newton showed off with 75 rushing yards and two rushing touchdowns on top of 155 passing yards while completing 79% of his passes and a 21-11 win, a solid start for the veteran. 

Two weeks later, game three brought an easy-looking win to the Patriots record against the Las Vegas Raiders but the real fireworks came in game two against early MVP candidate, Russell Wilson. 

Cam Newton came out swinging with a whopping 397 passing yards and a touchdown on 30 completions along with 47 rushing yards with two rushing touchdowns, yet again. As he marched the game-winning drive down the field, the Patriots came up a couple of seconds too short as they failed to run the ball into the endzone as time expired. 

Through the first three games of the season, the league is on notice as Cam Newton and the Patriots are officially beginning their run to a championship once again.