Market House: The Full Dining Experience

Market House: The Full Dining Experience

Annie Kelly, Staff Writer

If you’ve been to Market Square in Lake Forest, then you’ve seen the restaurant Market House on the corner of Forest Ave. and South Gate, but have you seen every aspect of it?

Walking by you may think that it only has one restaurant to offer, but Market House brings much more to the table. Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, they have it. The Market house has three different restaurants you can experience all in their one building. The Market House on the Square, The Taqueria, and Market House Kitchen (MHK) which all provide different types of delicious food. Instead of locking down their doors and shutting down once the pandemic hit, the Market House did the opposite.

When COVID struck, Market House had to get creative with their restaurant plans, so creative they got! Opening two other restaurants branching from the main one was the answer for the Market House business. “If we can give people more than one reason to come to this building then we hope they will come more often,” said Dina Rotolo, General Manager of the Market House. Their ideas worked to perfection. The doors of MHK and the Taqueria opened up to the community, and they were a huge hit.

“We really do appreciate the support of the community,” said Rotolo. “It’s kept us going since it’s been really really hard with COVID.” Adjusting to the new normal, the Market House not only provided the community with their delicious food but with an enjoyable and safe eating experience for all three restaurants. Having to move about half their tables to adjust to the 6 feet apart requirement, these tables were moved to the blocked-off street of South Gate. Providing a relaxing, and open-aired dining experience, these tables were, and still are a highly requested area to be seated in by customers.

They have also been planning on what to do when the weather turns, and outdoor seating won’t be as appealing. “In the fall when the weather gets bad, the Taqueria will be moved into MHK to do a more expanded Taqueria menu for dinner. Customers will be able to come and enjoy all that we have in mind,” Rotolo said when discussing the future plans of the Market House. As the seasons change keep an eye out for the expansion of the delicious Taqueria and other ideas the Market House has for the future!

The Market House has been in the city of Lake Forest for 7 years now and has definitely made its mark on the town. When asking a local where a good place to eat in town is, there is no doubt that anyone wouldn’t mention Market House. From the vast amount of options available to the delicious and fresh food cooked in the kitchens, the Market House is always a wonderful place to dine.

Most popular item on The Taqueria menu: The Camarones (shrimp) Taco and their Homemade Guacamole made with only fresh ingredients!

“Opening the taqueria and MHK brought families together,” said Tina Christman, the manager. “There is something for every member of the family to enjoy. Even monogrammed water bowls for our furry friends.”