2020 NFL Draft: Bears Recap and Grades


Joey Goodsir

Head Coach Matt Nagy makes phone calls to the Chicago Bears’ drafted players from his quarantine draft room at his home in Lake Bluff.

Luke Davis, Staff Writer

The NFL draft was just a couple weeks ago, and it was the first airing of live sports in way too long. Although it was just a normal draft, it was what sports fans needed. It set a record for most viewers for a draft ever, having 55 million people tune in. 

For Chicagoans, they had to wait until the second round to see what player they would be getting. Down below is the draft grade for the Bears, and some analysis on each player they drafted.

First Pick: With the 43rd pick in the draft, the Bears drafted tight end Cole Kmet from Notre Dame. At first, I wasn’t a huge fan of this pick, for the lone reason that the Bears already have 10 tight ends on their roster, and I figured out of those 10 they could find one that was good enough. However, ths pick has started to grow on me, Kmet is 6’6, 260 pounds and has good speed for that size. He is a threat down the middle of the field, and will also help the offensive line with his run blocking ability. Even though there are 10 tight ends on the roster, look for Kmet to be getting minutes early in the season. 

Second Pick: With the 50th pick in the draft, the Bears drafted cornerback Jaylon Johnson from Utah. I really like this pick as the Bears just let Prince Amukamara go, and needed another solid corner to fill his position. Not only that, but Johnson is first round talent, but he slipped due a shoulder injury that he is recovering from. Johnson has great ball skills as well and should be in competition for a starting role right away. 

Third Pick: With the 155th pick in the draft, the Bears drafted outside linebacker Travis Gipson from Tulsa. At 6’3, 260 pounds, Gipson has great size. Not only that, but he also has great speed of the edge and shows great hands. He excels when stopping the run and has the quickness to shoot gaps and get into the backfield to disrupt plays. After parting ways with former first rounder Leonard Floyd, the Bears are looking to find someone to play across from Khalil Mack, and hopefully they got their guy here. 

Fourth Pick: With the 162nd pick in the draft, the Bears drafted cornerback Kindle Vildor from Georgia Southern. Needing help in the secondary, the Bears went out and drafted another defensive back with hopes to strenghten the secondary. Vildor is a little undersized at 5’10, but he has great length for his height. Vildor has good ball skills but is an inconsistent tackler and will need to work on that if he wants to see the field early. 

Fifth Pick: With the 173rd pick in the draft, the Bears drafted wide reciever Darnell Mooney from Tulane. Wide reciever was a position the Bears desperately needed help at, as the only reliable pass catcher they have is Allen Robinson. Mooney is undersized for a wide receiver at 5’10, but his speed makes up for it. He has the ability to pull away from corners and has the quickness to beat them at the line. He has inconsistent hands however, and that needs to change if Mooney wants any chance at seeing the field.

Sixth Pick: With the 227th pick in the draft, the Bears drafted offensive tackle Arlington Hambright from Colorado. Hambright is averaged sized for an offensive tackle at 6’4, 310 pounds, but is very quick. He has good push in the run game and can protect well in the pass game. Hambright is joining a very thin offensive line and one that is coming off a tough year, so expect Hambright to be in position battles early.

Seventh Pick: With the 228th pick in the draft, the Bears drafted offensive guard Lachavious Simmons from Tennessee State. Simmons has better size than Hambright at 6’5, and also has longer arms. At Tennessee State Simmons lined up at left and right guard, as well as left and right tackle, so he is a very versatile player with lots of upside. Just like Hambright, he is joing a very thin offensive line, and should be in positino battles early. 


Overall Draft Grade: B-