Organization with E-Learning

Caroline Walsh, Staff Writer

COVID-19 has set a new life for all students across the country. It can be difficult to navigate this new way of life and what works best for you. LFHS students have gone from seven hours of school a day to only learning at home.

Students have had to come up with new routines for themselves to get their work done. Whether organized by class, most to least work, or morning vs afternoon here are some ways students prefer to stay organized at home with e-learning. 


Getting it done early

Many students have agreed they enjoy their work done early. Getting an earlier start to their day allows more time for other things in the afternoon. By getting it done in the morning, their schoolwork isn’t hanging over their heads all day. This also gives students more time to ask questions to their friends and teachers throughout the day. Many have said they prefer finishing the easiest tasks first. 

“I like the morning and get the easiest stuff done first then I always ask questions from people,” freshman Elsa Dahlgren said. 

Others do it early not only for stress relief, but also in anticipation of their lack of motivation later in the day.

“I feel more productive when I get up and do it. By the afternoon I´m not as motivated so it’s nice to just wake up early and get it done,” said junior Erin Earls. 

Some students, however, prefer to sleep as late as they can and just start whenever they wake up.

Whenever I finally get up I just like to start and get it done,” junior Mary Considine said.


Writing it down

Many students have said they started to handwrite all the school work they need to do. They have described it as a nice way to start the day and see everything that has to get done all in one place. This has helped many students stay more organized with their workload and check everything off as they get it done. 

“Before I start my day I make a plan of everything I need to get done before the school day is over,” said junior Lauren Milanak. “It helps me see what I’ve done so far and what I still have to do.”

Many students emphasized how having a physical list helps with motivation in addition to organization.

“Every day I make a to-do list, and as I finish it I cross it off. It’s really satisfying to see that I am getting things done,” Mary Considine said.

In a time in which structure is harder to come by, many students find comfort in harnessing it through simple to-do lists and plans.

“Right when I get up I just go through Schoology and write all my assignments. Its a super easy for me to just look in one place and get my work done,” said Erin Earls. 


Relying on Schoology

Instead of personal agendas, other students are simply relying on Schoology. They are using the calendar to keep track of their work and what needs to be done. Most teachers are putting links to the assignments directly in the calendar providing easy access for students to their work. These students feel more organized having everything listed for them in their computers. 

Schoology offers a nice way to let students know what they need to get done,” said senior Lauren Plante. 

Some students start with the Schoology calendar to base their written assignment lists. 

“I just use the Schoology calendar. I go through each of my classes before I start my work to know what I have to do and keep track of time,” Lauren Milanak said.

Email has also been helpful to many students as a way to get sent to them directly and ask questions from teachers. 

“I like the Schoology calendar. I  also use my email a lot more than before. I’ve been using it every day,” senior Caroline Allard said.


In the afternoon

Other students feel more organized in completing their work in the afternoon. Many are doing this to build around their new sleep schedules. Waking up later forces them to work on all in the afternoon before four rather than early in the morning. 

“I do some of my work the night before if it’s open or in the afternoon. I sleep till 11 every day so I never do it in the morning,” said senior Lilia Simick. 

E-Learning provides a lot more flexibility, and many students are harnessing that through sleeping in.

“I wake up super late so I always end up doing work in the afternoon,” Ava Douglass said.