Scouts Together


Molly Fisher, Staff Writer

During these difficult times throughout the world, LFHS has come together and proven to everyone that we are more than just a school.

We are one. We are a family. Once this invisible war is over, each and every individual here at LFHS will come out stronger. 

Every single grade level is being affected by missing school, but specifically the seniors have been missing out on their last few months of high school. So how has the community of LFHS come together during this time in order to support the seniors? 

The question to this can be answered by the LFHS Boosters. The Boosters have come together and brainstormed ways that the seniors could be valued for all they’ve done for the school, but more specifically for sports.

They have created a slogan “#ScoutsTogether” and they have put this slogan on clothing in order to spread the word. They realized that only a slogan couldn’t help bring the LFHS senior athletes together, so they decided to have families stand in front of their houses with their yard signs and they would post these images on their social media. 

These pictures have been shared throughout the community. Hundreds of families of all ages have come together and taken this moment in order to honor the senior spring athletes of LFHS.

LFHS Boosters President Lesley Fisher explains why and how the Boosters decided to take action on behalf of the athletes, “At the core of our mission is supporting our student-athletes and Scouts fans. We want to do whatever we can during this time. Our spirit store team has designed and delivered SCOUTS TOGETHER apparel to over 150 LFHS families. We have also supported our senior spring athletes specifically, with our yard sign social media project and more recently with our celebrating seniors project, which includes team photos, quotes from coaches, and memories and predictions shared by the seniors themselves.” 

This fight for seniors will not come to an end. They have represented blue and gold the past four years, and just because they aren’t able to complete their final season playing their sport with some of their closest friends, that doesn’t mean the community of LFHS stops appreciating them. 

Be on the lookout for every spring team and every spring senior athlete to be celebrated in the coming weeks!