PROM: What we would’ve worn


Ava Manelis, Editor-in-chief

With the cancellation of prom this 2020 year, junior and senior girls were faced with the fact that their dress would not be worn for the “event of the century” — as some would call it. Whether they’ve been eyeing a certain dress for months to come and saved up to buy it, or had dreams of wearing their mom’s hand-me-down dress for their prom, it’s a sad feat for girls everywhere.

Since we can’t see these stunning gowns on the red carpet this year, here at TFS we decided to give everyone an opportunity to showcase, well, what they would have worn at this year’s prom had they been given the opportunity…

Senior Elvan Muratoglu

Senior Julia Hender

Junior CC Carter

Junior Skylar Kreunen

Junior Emily Bertram

Junior Lilly Trkla

Senior Vivian Popov

Senior Ella Marquart

Junior Kailey Albus

Senior Clare Lawler

Junior Caroline Speed

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