College Corner: Week Six

Isabel Arevalo, Staff Writer

College Corner reviews five seniors every week on where they have decided to attend next year, what they’re excited for, and what they love about it.

Name: Chase Rupprecht

School: University of Colorado — Boulder

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Mascot: Buffalo (“Buffs”)

Why? “I chose Boulder because it offered the best of both the work hard and play hard atmosphere. As an Engineer, I know that I will be spending a lot of time at the library studying hard to learn challenging material. I wanted to find a school that would allow me to blow off some steam at a football game or out skiing with friends.”

What are you most excited for? “I’m most excited for new people I am going to meet and the new activities that I can do. I really want to get involved in rock climbing and hiking around the mountains! I’m also excited for all the clubs I can engage with in engineering. Building a car for the formula race team sounds like a blast!”


Name: Sophie Marchant

School: Hope College

Location: Holland, Michigan

Mascot: Flying Dutch

Why? “Hope is just the perfect fit for me in pretty much every category! From location, to size, to their academics, it just hit everything that I wanted right on! I was really focused on finding a smaller private school with an amazing community and Hope definitely has that. Another plus is that I’ll still see familiar faces but not everywhere I turn.”

What are you most excited for? “I am most excited to explore Michigan and just try new things. I’ve already met some amazing people so I’m excited to get to know them and meet others. I’m excited to be put out of my comfort zone.”


Name: Jonny Kilmer

School: Bethel University

Location: Arden Hills, Minnesota

Mascot: Lions

Why? “I chose Bethel for many reasons. I am a Christian and to me, my faith is extremely important. Obviously there are pros and cons to being at a secular versus a non-secular school, and I weighed those out in my decision. Bethel is a place of encouragement and implements faith into school work and sports, and to me that is very important. I also chose Bethel because of the relative location. I grew up in Minneapolis and we moved to Illinois many years ago to accommodate my dad’s job, but my entire family stayed in Minnesota. Bethel is located in St. Paul which is 45 minutes from where I grew up and to the rest of my family… it’s also just a six hour drive from Illinois!”

What are you most excited for? “I’m so excited to get back into lacrosse. Bethel isn’t a large school so their sports aren’t as intense which means it’ll be easier for me to play lacrosse again. I originally stopped playing my freshman year in the fall because I fell and broke both of my knees and I decided to take that break and to focus on my relationship with Jesus…I miss playing everyday and I miss what could have been, but with Bethel, I can get back into it.”


Name: Anna Spitzer

School: Duke University

Location: Durham, North Carolina

Mascot: Blue Devils

Why? “I knew I loved Duke when I toured it last year, and it’s been my first choice ever since. The campus is amazing, the town of Durham is really unique, and I love the school spirit and community. I’m also undecided about what I want to study, so the liberal arts/interdisciplinary focus at Duke was a really important part of my decision.”

What are you most excited for?  “I’m really excited to meet new people, and I’m obviously excited for basketball season!”


Name: Nate Schmitt

School: United States Naval Academy

Location: Annapolis, Maryland

Mascot: Midshipmen (Bill the Goat)

Why? “I chose to attend the Naval Academy because it is one of the best institutions in the world with numerous opportunities to develop myself as both a student and as a leader. On top of the education itself, its located in Annapolis which is one of the nicest college towns I’ve ever been to. Also, I’ve always wanted to be part of something larger than myself — working for the sake of others over myself — and the best way I can do that is by becoming an Officer in the United States Navy or Marine Corps. Whether it’s Surface Warfare, Special Operations, Submarine Warfare, the Marine Corps, EOD or Aviation, there are countless ways for me to serve my country. I am also getting the chance to run for an incredible D1 program and be part of the revered Army-Navy rivalry. GO NAVY! BEAT ARMY!”

What are you most excited for? “I’m most excited to pursue a degree that will challenge me and will enable me to have a better understanding of our military’s global issues and objectives. I’m also looking forward to making lifelong friends and connections with an amazing student body. I also can’t wait to race in a highly competitive environment where I can push myself to be faster than I ever was in High School.”