A Poem to the Class of 2020

A Letter of Gratitude from a Teacher to Our Seniors


You must have been under a rock if you haven’t seen this picture at least once in the last 24 hours.

Mrs. Frye, Guest Writer

Mrs. Frye, Guest Writer

The following is a piece submitted by Mrs. Nicole Frye, who is a teacher in the Math Department and Girls Badminton Head Coach. Want to contribute to TFS yourself? Send an op-ed to [email protected].





It isn’t fair, it just isn’t right

You wish it was different

With all of your might. 


You may scream, cry, shed a tear

Break down, lose hope, 

Or curl up in fear.


I know it’s impossible, we feel it too

To process the pain, to find positives, 

Your teachers and coaches, we feel like you. 


We remember our lasts, we know what you lost

We would give you it all back

At almost any cost.


You’ve been asked to bear something we could not, 

2020, you see more clearly

This is your moment, a once in a lifetime shot.


Pandemic be damned, find hope in heartache,

Make memories, anyway,

You still have each other, that no one can take.


They’ll be unique traditions, all your own. 

You can still see your classmate’s smiles,

You’re all so creative, work it out from home. 


Clearly these walls couldn’t keep you one minute more,

You were ready to fly free, 

Busting out, setting sail from this shore. 


I speak for myself, although it’s unlikely I’m alone

Class of 2020, you mean the world to me

It’s been a privilege and gift to see how you’ve grown. 


Know that we are all infinitely proud

Of the men and women you’ve become

An absolutely, unforgettable crowd. 


Go out in this world, make each day a treasure

Know that home is here if you need it,

And you are stronger than anyone could measure. 


Thank you, Class of 2020!