Sport Scouts (Episode 2.7)

COVID-19 and Sports, Winter Sports at LFHS, College Hoops, and Marquee Sports Network (wsg Connor Clark)

Joey and Michael finally get back in the studio to discuss John Beilein’s departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers, Spike Lee’s feud with the New York Knicks franchise he loves dearly, and the absence of Cubs Spring Training on half of Chicago’s TVs due to the delay of Marquee Sports Network’s Xfinity/Comcast launch. The duo also sit down with play-by-play Voice of the Scouts Connor Clark to recap the achievements of LFHS athletes during the winter season. In “They Don’t Scout Like This,” the two react to the increasing effect of the coronavirus pandemic on sports, most especially the approaching NCAA Basketball Tournaments (Recorded on Wednesday, March 11).

NOTE: Episode was recorded prior to announcement from NCAA President Mark Emmert on limiting attendance for all NCAA events, and all later developments on COVID-19’s impact on sports.

Assuming the tournament is still on, we will be releasing March Madness Specials (like last year) next week Monday-Wednesday, inviting a whole range of guests onto the show. Send an email to [email protected] if interested in making an appearance on the show to fill out a bracket (no basketball knowledge necessary – seriously)!


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MUSIC: “Roundball Rock” (NBA on NBC Theme) – John Tesh, “There’s No Place Like Nebraska” – Nebraska Cornhusker Marching Band