Coronavirus Has Travel Plans in Question

Chorus trip to Germany and Austria on for now


Sophia DiVagno, Staff Writer

With spring break just weeks away, many travel plans are up in the air as the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues to spread worldwide.

Senior Lillie Michael has been planning for months to go on the chorus trip to Germany and Austria.

“I have been looking forward to this trip since I got home from Italy when the choir went my sophomore year,” she said. “I am not nervous about the virus itself as much as I am worried about getting quarantined in Germany and not being able to get back into the country, especially with 75 other students.”

Chorus Director Mr. Haskett has been in constant communication with the tour company overseas, as well as the LFHS administration as new news continues to come in. A survey was sent home to parents on Monday. A final decision on the trip is expected soon.

With cases confirmed in over 80 countries, students and families are especially concerned about international travel. Not only are people worried that they might be more likely to get infected when traveling by plane, but they’re also nervous they may not be able to come home on time because of quarantines.

Despite the concerns, senior Lily Bryant is expecting to travel to Bali with her family over break.

“I’m not very worried about being in Bali at all and neither are my parents. They’re more worried about the layover we have in Taiwan and being on the airplanes, where many people have caught the virus,” she said.“We’ve made sure there are good medical centers near our hotels and we’re bringing medicine with us.”

Some families have even decided to cancel their trips as a precaution.

“We heard of a lot of outbreaks in Europe, and we were concerned for our safety,” said senior Olivia McCall, who was eager to go somewhere new. “My mom recently made the decision to alter our plans to travel to Madrid, Spain, because of the risk of the virus. She was concerned that our flight would be canceled, and we wouldn’t have any plans set in place for spring break.”

Fortunately, McCall has a back-up plan; she will meet her friends in Cabo instead.

For those continuing their spring break travels, here are a few ways you can protect yourself at the airport.

-Wear latex gloves or wash your hands frequently

-Use disinfectant wipes to clean the hard surfaces on and around your seat

-Bring your own, wrapped food

-Turn off the AC above you to limit the germs in the air from traveling

-Take flu-like precautions