The Dish: Bill’s Pub & Pizza

Season 3, Episode 7

Luke Davis and Wilson Irvin

Located 25 minutes from the high school, you can find Bill’s Pub and Pizza, a hidden gem in Mundelein. This restaurant has a family-friendly environment and has the space to accommodate for parties or large family gatherings. There is really no way to go wrong at Bill’s Pub and Pizza, as everything on the menu is a win. 

Atmosphere: 9/10

When walking into Bill’s Pub and Pizza, the word you might think of when you see the atmosphere is unique. Giving off a cabin-in-the-woods vibe, Bill’s Pub and Pizza has taxidermy all over the place, giving you a very different dinner time feel. It also has a “Touch Tunes” system where you can choose the music playing while you eat. This was a nice touch as it allows the eaters to listen to music they enjoy, which enhances their diner experience. Bill’s Pub and Pizza also had an arcade room, which upped the experience for us as well, as we spent 10-15 minutes in the arcade room. Because of the unique feel of the restaurant, the gaming room, and the music box, it earned a very respectable 9/10 for the atmosphere. 

Service: 8/10

Upon entry of Bill’s Pub and Pizza, we were immediately greeted at the door and told to sit wherever. Very shortly after that, our waters were filled and we were given our menus, per-usual. After about 5 minutes, she came back to take our order. Although our food came out very quickly, the employees were not too friendly, and we weren’t checked on until we asked for the check. Because of the quick service, but also the unfriendliness, it earned an 8/10 for service. 

Food Quality: 7.5/10

The thing that is most noticeable about the food when you first walk in is the peanuts shells all over the floor. At Bill’s Pub and Pizza, you are encouraged to eat the baskets full of peanuts already on your table and to dispose of the shells on the floor. This only helped the experience for Luke (however, Wilson is allergic), and it still helped the rating. The burger and fries were a very simple order, and it was all very good as they complemented each other as burgers and fries usually do. The burger was cooked well and was very juicy, which helped bring the flavor of the burger. However, the Italian beef sandwich was not as good. The bread was very stiff and the beef was dry. With this being said, we ordered two slices of pizza off-camera and the pizza was very good. The cheese and sauce complimented each other very nicely, and because of that, it earned a 7.5/10 for food quality. 

Affordability: 8.5/10 

For a good family restaurant with lots of options, the pricing was very good. For both of our meals, the price was just under $20, which is very respectable and helpful for two high school students. The pizza was also for a very good price, as it was just over $2 a slice. For a whole 14 inch pizza, the price was about $17, which is much cheaper than the previous pizza places we have been to — all for just as good, if not better pizza. For a sit-down restaurant with options for everyone on the menu, the pricing of Bill’s Pub and Pizza was very respectable, and that earned it an 8.5/10 for affordability. 

Final Rating: 4.1 out of 5 spears