College Corner: Week Two


Caroline Lewis, Staff Writer

College Corner reviews 5 seniors every week on where they have decided to attend next year, what they’re excited for, and what they love about it.

Name: Samantha Rubin

School: University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign

Location: Champaign County, Illinois

Mascot: Illini

Why? “I chose Illinois because it’s the best value and has the best program for my major, Environmental Science and Management. I heard everyone loves U of I so I’m really excited to go.”

What are you most excited for? “I’m excited to be at a Big 10 school and meet new people.”

Name: Courtney Woloson

School: University of Southern California

Location: Los Angeles, California

Mascot: Trojans

Why? “USC has been my dream school since I first stepped on campus two years ago. I fell in love with the sense of community amongst the student body, the attention and genuine care for the individual, and the setting of a college campus in the midst of a huge urban scene. Also, they offer a really unique major called Philosophy, Politics, and Law, which perfectly caters to my passion for criminal justice.”

What are you most excited for? “I’m most looking forward to being fully immersed in the Trojan Family and expressing my pride for the university. I’m so excited to be cheering on the Trojans every game day. Fight on.”

Name: Ben Zelken

School: Tulane University

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Mascot: Green Wave

Why? “I committed to Tulane because the school had everything I was looking for in a university. Among a variety of other things, I was looking for a medium-sized school with rigorous academic courses, warm weather, and a great location. Tulane provides everything I wanted in a school. ”

What are you most excited for?  “I’d have to say I’m most excited for all the festivals and events that New Orleans has to offer, ranging from Mardi Gras to Tulane’s own Crawfest.

Name: Alyssa Marquis

School: University of Toledo

Location: Toledo, Ohio

Mascot: Rockets

Why? “I chose to go to Toledo because I really liked the environment right when I stepped on campus. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. They also have a beautiful campus which is a plus.”

What are you most excited for? “I’m really excited to be playing soccer there because a lot of their campus life revolves around their athletics.”

Name: Natalie Logue

School: Colorado College

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Mascot: Tigers

Why? “I chose CC because it really focuses on having a liberal arts, well-rounded education. The school is surrounded by nature and apart of the curriculum is incorporating the outdoors with your learning. You take one class at a time, so it’s very intense learning. However, it’s not a competitive environment, everyone is so laid back and wants you to succeed, which is one of the reasons why I love the small school feel of it.”

What are you most excited for? “I’m really excited to be apart of a small community and to go to hockey games, as well as meeting new people. I’m also excited to have a view of the mountains every day.”

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