The Dish: SLYCE

Season 3, Episode 6

Luke Davis and Wilson Irvin

Known for their coal-fired oven and charred crust, SLYCE is a new hotspot in downtown Highwood. Located only 15 minutes from the high school, SLYCE is a perfect restaurant for a family dinner. With family-sized salads and pizzas, SLYCE can offer the family all they need at a pizza place. 

Atmosphere: 8 / 10

As you walk into SLYCE, you may be surprised to see how nice it is. Having been to pizza places in the past, the expectation for atmosphere was a relatively nice pizza place that gets you in and out quickly. However, SLYCE was a nice sit-down restaurant, rather than your typical quick eating experience at a pizza place. The restaurant gave off a chill vibe and seemed like a place you would eat at with your family on a Sunday night. With the chill vibe and the nice atmosphere, it earned SLYCE a respectable 8/10 for the atmosphere. 

Service: 9 / 10

Upon entering SLYCE, we were immediately seated. We were constantly checked upon by our server, which was much appreciated. Our waiter brought out our food within 5 minutes of us ordering, and the salad was out within 3 minutes of us ordering. This was some of the quickest service we have seen in all of our restaurants, and that was taken into account as well. To go along with the quick food and being checked up on, our water was also always filled up to the top. With the very friendly waiter, and quick turn around from our orders and the food arriving, it earned SLYCE a very solid 9/10 for service. 

Food Quality: 8 / 10

We had high expectations going into SLYCE from being hyped up by our classmates and friends. The first thing we were served was a caesar salad. It’s a little bit difficult to change or mess up a typical caesar salad. The main course, coal-fired pizza, is where SLYCE–we believe–didn’t live up to the hype. Don’t get us wrong, still very good pizza. The charred crust was by far the best part, complementing well with the meats and cheese on the pizza. However, the overcompensation of sauce on the pizza took over the flavor. Despite all of this, we can agree this pizza was very good and earned nice 8/10 for quality. 

Affordability: 6 / 10

This is where SLYCE struggled. Going into the dinner, we were expecting a nice average price for a couple of pizzas and a salad. Leaving dinner, we had just paid $45 for 2 pizzas and a salad. Now, if you are going to SLYCE with your family and are going to split a couple of pizzas, the price isn’t that bad. However, for 2 high schoolers, $45 is just too expensive when looking for a couple of pizzas. SLYCE’s affordability wouldn’t be a problem for a family dinner on a Sunday night, but for high schoolers looking for a good place to eat, it was just too expensive. Since SLYCE was much more expensive than we had anticipated, and was more than we were hoping to have to pay, it earned a 6/10 for affordability. 

Final Rating: 3.8 out of 5 spears