Large and Active Committee Looks for ‘Spectrum of Talent’ for Upcoming Talent Show Auditions

2019 Show Promotes “Full Color”

Joey Goodsir, Editor-in-Chief

As second semester dawns, a whole lot of focus shifts on a production that has become a notable climax of creativity. With auditions on Feb. 1, the 2020 Talent Show Committee is looking for all of the entertainment LFHS has to offer. 

The emphasis is doing it all, from bringing in the big returning acts to finding the ones most hidden.

“If you’ve seen the posters going around, we’re throwing around the word ‘full color,’ so we really want a large spectrum of acts to bring to the table,” said Committee Supervisor Corey Holmer. “After last year, we’re just trying to bring it up more and make it bigger and better.”

Part of the climactic status of the show lies in the contribution from a variety of groups around the school. “We have a huge committee that is really interested, and made up of very talented people. We have The Forest Scout, New Media, the Music Department, we just have a huge group of kids who are very passionate about it, so we’re hopeful to get some cool acts on stage because of it,” Holmer said.

Prior to this wide range of participation, the Talent Show remained a music-driven production. But as the 2020 edition approaches, a variety of acts and features make the event the well-attended and highly engaging happening it is today — only expanding and improving by the year. 

We’re just trying to open it to more people. It’s not a theater group, it’s not a music group, it’s for everyone. Everyone who wants to be involved can take the stage.”

— Corey Holmer

“We are trying to bring clubs and activities in with a video challenge where there is a prize to get some money for their clubs and activities,” Holmer said. “I’m excited about the Pit Band and what they are going to have in mind with their background music. New Media also has their videos again, but they are stepping things up this year with great advertising content, graphics, and live video.”

It can be easier to continue to churn out success when you have the production model the Committee does, but without students who are willing to engage, the extra mile just isn’t there. Holmer claims that this committee has that additional mileage.

“It’s just cool that all of the kids are excited about taking ownership of it this year, which is something I haven’t seen this much in years past. I’m just taking a step back and saying ‘whatever you guys want to do, I will support you, but let’s make it happen.’”

Auditions for the 2020 LFHS Talent Show are Feb. 1. Audition forms are due on Jan. 30, and can be found here. The shows themselves will go from Feb. 27-29.

“We’re taking everything from dancing, magic, comedy, big band, jazz, Yo-Yo…I mean literally anything you want to bring to the stage, bring to the stage. Just be willing to give your all in front of 1,200 people over the three nights. It’s fun, I enjoy the energy that comes from that.”

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