Beach Clean-Up Set for Sunday

Beach Clean-Up Set for Sunday

Ava Manelis, Editor in Chief

Environmental commission will host a cleanup at Lake Bluff beach Sunday at 10 a.m. in order to clean up all of the trash that was washed up from the snow storm.

The club will meet at the water facility in between North and South beach. The weather will be freezing so dress warm; trash gloves will be needed.

Senior Willow Volkert  said there are many branches within the club that work to do different things to help the environment. For example, Volkert is in a branch dubbed the “ravine cleanup group,” whose main goal is to clean up ravines in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff.

“Sam Rappin and I started the ravine project, and have expanded it from just the Lillian Dells ravine off North Avenue in Lake Bluff to different ravines throughout the Lake Bluff and Lake Forest areas,” Volkert said. “Now, we’re focusing on beaches too.”

The students plan to continue the ravine project even after they graduate, with hopes of underclassmen taking over and helping to keep the towns clean.