The best places to study for finals


Caroline Walsh, Staff Writer

Finals are an extremely stressful time for high school students. From endless filling out study guides to re-reading textbook chapters for hours, it’s a tough task to prepare for finals.

Students at LFHS have many different opinions on the best places to study for finals, ranging from in bed alone, to a library full of talkative people. The top three spots that LFHS students like to study include Tala, Starbucks, and the Lake Forest Library. 



Starbucks is a very popular place to study among students. It’s known to have a great environment not only for working alone but collaborating as well.

It has iconic coffee drinks and sweet treats available, which students love to have when they need to focus. The Lake Forest and Lake Bluff locations are both popular to study in. 

“I really like going to study at starbucks in Lake Forest,” said junior Megan Lewis. “Even though it’s hard to get a seat, it has a really good vibe and it’s an excuse to get coffee.”

Other students enjoy going to the Lake Bluff Starbucks.

“I love the Lake Bluff Starbucks. It’s right near my house and not nearly as packed as the one in Lake Forest,” said senior Ava Manelis. “It’s a super cozy atmosphere and easy to focus in, plus the workers as so nice. I’m literally there every weekend.” 

Junior Mary Considine agreed with Lake Bluff Starbucks taking the cake on the best place to study.

“It is so positive in there,” said junior Mary Considine. “It’s easy to stay focused but also a great place to take a break and grab a snack.”



Many students also enjoy working in the coffee shop Tala in Highwood. 

“I love going to Tala because it has a very calming and stress-free environment which helps me to get a lot of work done,” said junior Erin Earls. “The workers are super friendly and make it a comfortable place to be.”

Earls is not alone in her love towards the coffee shop.

“You are always greeted with a smile when you walk in to Tala,” senior Grace Hardy said. “It’s the coziest, most welcoming environment and all of the drinks are amazing. It’s easy to focus and get work done but also take a break and talk to people.”

Students have said they feel very productive while studying in Tala as well, which is perfect for the upcoming week of finals.

“I love working on my study guides at Tala. It’s a super chill environment and has good food for study breaks,” said sophomore Lauren Milanik. 

Seniors agree with the fact that Tala is the best place to study.

“Studying at Tala is so nice because the workers legitimately care about your life and how your day is going. Good Drinks. Good People. Good Environment,” said senior Lexie Conley. 



On the other hand, some students feel more productive studying alone at their houses. With no distractions, these students feel more productive getting their work done.

“I definitely like to study alone in my bedroom where I have no distractions without my phone,” said junior Erica O’Neil. 

Senior Lauren Plante agreed that being in a quiet area with no reasons not to focus is much easier.

“I find it impossible to actually get anything done if I’m working with my friends,” she said. “I like it cause it’s just my house so I’m comfortable with no distractions.”

Sophomore Ava Douglass agrees with the comfortability and quietness that a home brings that makes studying so much easier.

“I like the quiet at my house. I’m able to get a lot of work done when I’m alone and completely focused,” said sophomore Ava Douglass. “I need to have no distractions.”



Finally, students also enjoy working in the Lake Forest Library.

The library provides snacks and activities for students during finals week and is a very collaborative work space. Students seem to use the library for group studying more than individual studying.

“I like to go to the library because I love collaborating with my friends,” said sophomore Heidi Scholler.

Sophomore Abby Hanlon agrees with the fact that the library is the best place to study.

“I love the library during finals. I get a lot done collaborating with different people in my classes,” she said.

Many students enjoys the snacks and games provided by the library. 

“The library in the children’s section is where it’s at,” said junior Madeleine Arch. “During finals, they have so many open tables, pizza, candy, coffee, and crafts, and even a do. It’s a really quiet but collaborative workplace. I always feel productive leaving.”

Good luck studying, Scouts!