The Motivation Behind a JV Athlete

The Motivation Behind a JV Athlete

Molly Fisher and Olivia Witte

This past season, the JV girls tennis team placed 2nd in Conference, but the lack of recognition they received after this accomplishment was not an issue. 

Self motivation pushed them to play their best, not a large crowd.

“Despite only having parents and some friends there to support, we knew we had to play our best to finish off the season. Even though there wasn’t the same crowd as State for Varsity tennis, we were a team and in the end, we pushed ourselves to play our hearts out.”

Unlike most football and basketball games, a large student section is rare for JV sports. Although there is so little recognition, JV athletes are motivated to play the sport they love even with a more relaxed environment.

JV girls basketball coach, Jay Kleeman, admits that coaching JV is far different from Varsity.

“I feel like I have an obligation to try and get these girls as well prepared for the Varsity level as possible,” said Kleeman.

At the same time, Kleeman understands that his JV athletes sometimes aren’t necessarily trying to become Varsity players, and they still want to work at the game they love.

“Not everyone on JV is going to want to be playing varsity; we have kids on JV who want to play varsity and kids on JV who don’t,” he said. 

Self motivation pushed them to play their best, not a large crowd.

Like Kleeman said, some JV athletes use the level to work towards improving their game to eventually be on Varsity. Sophomore Scott Seaman is one individual using JV to enhance his skills on the golf course.  

“I am hoping to play on varsity next year, and playing on JV has given me a lot of insight on the amount of commitment it’s going to take to make it,” Seaman said. “We usually get to practice with the varsity players, and seeing how much talent our upcoming juniors and seniors have given us a good understanding on what we need to work on as individuals to make our team better.”

To junior Rory Summerville, the atmosphere of JV cross country is what motivates her to run, rather than the recognition from fans in the stands.

 “It doesn’t bother me. I play the JV sport for the people on the team and the experience rather than trying to make it down to state,” Summerville said.