The Dish: Bontá Pizzeria and Restaurant

Season 3, Episode 5

Luke Davis and Wilson Irvin

Someone could do a lot in 30 minutes. One possibility is to venture to Lincolnshire and attend the family-owned business and resultant, Bontá Pizzeria and Restaurant. A homemade Italian deli and restaurant will be sure to fill you up with one of its famous 90-second cooked pizzas, plates of pasta or homemade cannolis. There is no such thing as a bad option at Bontá. 

Atmosphere: 7.5 / 10

When walking into Bontá, the first thing you observe is the kitchen and the wood fire pizza oven. Hanging on the walls are signs native to the food culture, Italy. Playing above us was authentic Italian music which helped contribute to the atmosphere and upped its rating. With this being said, besides the authentic music and the Italian themed signs, the atmosphere was a bit plain. Because of the Italian feel and the authentic music, it earned the atmosphere rating a respectable 7.5/10. 

Service: 10 / 10

When we were immediately greeted at the door by the chef, owner, and other employees, we knew that the service was going to be amazing. We were seated and were given our glasses of water, per usual. We ordered our food–which came with a side of their soup of the day–and didn’t even finish the first glass of water before the soup came out. Not only that, the pizza that Will ordered, came in in less than three minutes. And out food followed right after, and was amazing. Customers were giving us recommendations for dessert, the chef (and owner) were telling us and showing us how he made the food. The best service that we have seen has earned Bontá a 10/10.

Food Quality: 9.5 / 10

We knew as soon as the food came out that it was going to be good. After our first bite, we were wrong. The food was great. We all ordered something different, but all had the same reaction. Wow. The soup of the day was a soup that contained tortellini and homemade meatballs. All of us who got it thought it was a very good start to the meal. The Chicken Parmesan was cooked to perfection and it was breaded almost perfectly. It was complemented with a savory red sauce. The wood-fired pizza was cooked in 90 seconds and tasted delicious. The pasta alfredo was delightful as the alfredo sauce was very creamy and had the right amount of flavor. The meat ravioli was also enjoyable, although there was lots of cheese covering the meat which made it difficult to eat. Because of how wonderful everything tasted and how quickly they were ready, it earned a 9.5/10 for the food quality.  

Affordability: 8 / 10

For an authentic Italian restaurant with such good food, the pricing was understandable. The price of the Chicken Parmesan, a pizza, a soup of the day and two deserts, the total came out to $49.00, which is on the pricey end. For pasta alfredo, meat lasagna and two soups of the day, the price came out to $35.00. The average came out to $21.00 a person. This is definitely very expensive for high school students looking for a good place to eat. With this being said, it is a sit-down restaurant with homemade ingredients and food, so the price was raised from that. Even with that though, the price was still high, and that earned the affordability rating a 8/10. 

Overall: 4.4 out of 5 spears