Friday Night Feels: Warm Fuzzies In Cold Temps

Lake Forest 35, Kaneland 10



After a monumentally exciting start from the offense, it was up to the defense to secure the win against Kaneland’s offensive firepower.

Joey Goodsir, Editor-in-Chief

Joey Goodsir, Editor-in-Chief

As parents, students, band members, cheerleaders, and fans bundled up and filed into Varsity Field for a rare playoff Friday night, the expectations behind this Scouts team were quite different than what ended up happening on the field – and I mean that entirely in a good way.

This is a team that spent the majority of the year struggling to grasp who they were, and in exciting, last-second fashion, they found themselves as comeback kings. It brought jubilation on Senior Night, and excitement at Belvidere North for round one.

But it wasn’t a secret that winning that way wouldn’t be reliable for a long playoff run without some of the greatest luck of all time. This week became about the Scouts capturing the magic of their second half comebacks and running with it for a full game.

But then, before anyone could even get cold…

No one said it would be this easy. The Scouts established their run per usual, utilizing both Jahari Scott and Mac Uihlein situationally. Richie Hoskins continued to have his signature mobility be a dominant factor for the Scouts. However, the thing that should draw the most excitement was the success of Hoskins’ passing game, and the ten yard crossing route darts that kept the ball moving productively early on.

A few Mac Uihlein punches later, and it was party time at West Campus.

The focus was finding sustainable success, and it came far more effectively than anyone expected. This was a dominant performance that excited a home crowd, a huge reward for braving the elements – and it should be even more exciting for Scouts fans going forward.

Lake Forest heads to the quarterfinals for the first time since the seniors were freshmen (2016), and they do not intend for this train to stop chugging anytime soon.

The Scouts will await the winner of today’s Deerfield/Kenwood game at 1 p.m. You can watch the game here.

Until next week (can you believe there still is a next week?!):




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Unfortunately, the NFHS Network has bought the IHSA playoff game rights, so Connor Clark and AJ Shaw have not been able to broadcast. On the bright side, the Stevenson game wasn’t a bad way to close things out.

You can catch Friday Night’s game in its entirety on demand by clicking here.