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New school-wide initiative honors Scouts who go above and beyond


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Good deeds, kind behavior, and important accomplishments deserve to be recognized. The Scout Shout-Out is an opportunity for Scouts of all types to honor each other when we demonstrate the values that are most important to us. If you would like to recognize a fellow Scout for kindness, hard work, personal accomplishments or any other contribution to our community, please visit here.

Who: Dylan Walsh
Where:  In a Classroom

Why: Dylan helped another student study for an important test.  He worked very hard, volunteering his time selflessly, and without complaint.

Message:  Altruism is one of our most important virtues.  Thank you very much Dylan for always helping people in need and for having such a wonderfully positive attitude.

From: Anonymous




Who: Mr. Vargas
Where:  Outdoor Education Trip

Why: He joined our outdoor education trip, and even though he came in not really knowing any of the students, he really tried to get to know every person for those three  days, and he did. Also, he was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable when it came to climbing and all things outdoors, as well he was a good sport when it came to his nickname, Marsupial :).

Message:  Thanks for helping us out and hope to see you on the next trip!!

From: Anonymous


Who: Sra. Levinson
Where:  In a Classroom

Why: Sra. Lev always checks in on her students and her colleagues.  She makes social/emotional well-being and relationship building a priority and we all appreciate her!

Second Shout-Out from an anonymous student: Sra Lev is always super excited and enthusiastic about learning, which is refreshing after a long school day and makes class more fun.

Message:  ¡Gracias!  ¡Es un gusto colaborar contigo!

From: Sra. Abel

Who: Christian Gajda
Where:  Hallways

Why: Christian volunteered to help a lost Freshman find their way to class. While he escorted the Freshman student through the hallways, he asked him how he liked being at the high school.  Christian did a great job of welcoming a new student to Lake Forest.

From: Mr. Jerina



Who: John Wanniger
Where:  Everywhere

Why: Always helps a kid out in a pinch!

Message:  None

From: Anonymous


Who: Julie Crouch
Where:  Throughout the school and at school events

Why:  Julie’s creation of the Quad Games

Message:  Julie is doing an amazing job creating a buzz within the junior class.  The Quad games has been a huge hit and a ton of fun so far. Clapping out the golf team to state and tug of war were fantastic.  Great work JC.

From: Mr. Lesniak


Who: Mary Tolendano
Where:  Extra-curriculars

Why: Ms. T. dove into the theater tech head on and with amazing skill and patience with the design and creation of the Rumors set. She proved to be a great leader and inspiration to the tech crew and together, they transformed the RMA into a beautiful two story living room of a house! Ms. T. accomplished all of this while also learning the ropes of LFHS and upgrading our theater facilities!

Message:  Great work Ms. T.! Can’t wait to work with you on the musical

From: Ms. MacBlane


Who: Whitney Wisniewski
Where:  Extra-curriculars

Why: Last year, Whitney came up with the idea for the Cinematic Comic Club. She has single-handedly gotten this club up and running with the support of Ms. Roman as sponsor. Whitney has built a space where students can talk about their love of comics and walk into a space where they know others share and understand their interests. The club has grown to include several dedicated members and is really a testament to a need that existed in the school that had previously not been met.

Message:  Great job, Whitney! I hope you are really proud of the club you have created!

From: Ms. Malec


Who: Mr. Werner
Where: Athletics

Why: Coach Werner has been a great addition to the varsity volleyball coaching staff this year! He has showed so much patience and kindness towards all the girls and without him, this team would not be as enjoyable and competitive as it is! 🙂

Message:  Without you coach Werner, I would not have improved as much as I have and please know that everything you do for this team, from stressful weeks to giving up your     weekends, does not go unnoticed and is appreciated by all of us. Thank you for all you do! 🙂

From: Anonymous