Sneak of the Week featuring sophomore Michelyn Ward

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Sneak of the Week featuring sophomore Michelyn Ward

CC Carter

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Sophomore Michelyn Ward is rocking white Nike Air Force 1s with blue and purple flames taking up the main focus. Air Force 1s have proven to be one of the most popular styles seen in the halls of Lake Forest High School this school year. However, Michelyn gives a unique twist, with the rare details.

Air Force 1s became popular during the 2017-2018 school year and has remained admired and favored as we begin another school year. Michelyn styles this shoe with boyfriend jeans. However, it can be worn with almost any ensemble. The flame detailing across the entire shoe adds so much to Michelyn’s simple blue jeans, while keeping the main focus of the outfit uncomplicated.

Thanks for keeping the hallways stylish! Stay fashionable, Micheyn! Stay tuned for the next Sneak of the Week!

What was your inspiration when buying this shoe?

“The colors were cool and they’re so unique. No one else has them, which is why I like them and like to wear them”

When do you choose to add this shoe to your outfit? What inspires you to wear this shoe?

“I rarely wear them because they are so unique. They add spunk to certain outfits and I don’t want to wear them too often or else they will lose that spunk.”

How would you classify your shoe style?

“I like wearing more sneakers and just more comfortable shoes in general.”