Recap: Field Hockey Avenges Earlier Loss to New Trier With Hard Fought 2-1 Victory Over Trevians


Halle Douglass, Staff Writer

In the game of field hockey, a penalty in the scoring circle results in a penalty corner. The offensive team lines up on the edge of the circle, a few players on the defending team line up inside the cage and the others wait at midfield. These corners bring a boost of energy to the offensive team as they are able to run a set play in order to get the ball in the back of the cage. 

Coach Cat Catanzaro, the Scouts girl’s field hockey head coach, called a play out of a corner which indicated sophomore Mimi Gordon to pass the ball to senior Gracie McGowan, who would then attempt an aerial shot: she lifts the ball with her stick and pushes it in the air over the defenders and goalie in the hope to place the ball perfectly in the goal. McGowan accomplished this flawlessly. 

With two very talented and competitive teams, the Lake Forest Scouts and New Trier Trevians, a big fight was put up. Both teams didn’t allow either team to be more dominant. In the first half and most of the second, the game was left scoreless. 

McGowan’s goal with merely nine minutes left of play gave the Scouts the energy and confidence they needed to finish out the game. However, the game was not over yet and the Scouts had to remain focused.

“It was exciting to be winning 1-0 after a long fight in the first half. However, the first thing we did after we scored is called a timeout,” senior captain Julia Hender said. “We knew New Trier was going to want to tie it up, so we had to work extra hard to keep them out of the circle and continue the momentum.”

Shortly after, in another corner attempt, McGowan crossed the ball over to the right side where junior Erica O’Neil was able to tap it in past the goalie. 

Celebrations occurred as the Scouts were up 2-0 with limited time left on the clock. However, previously in the year, the Trevians beat the Scouts, and they were not going down without a fight. 

For the entirety of the game, the Scout’s defensive line was very strong and shut down the very powerful Trevian team. 

“Our defense played an incredibly important role in the game against New Trier. Our defense was able to shut them down and give them very few opportunities to attack. The few times they even had an opportunity to score Elsa [Goldsberry, junior goalie] made some amazing saves.” Hender said. 

Goldsberry finished the game with an impressive seven saves. 

With around 30 seconds left in the game, New Trier was able to score with a running clock, and the game ended quickly after. 

The scoreboard read 2-1 and the Scouts Varsity Field Hockey team came out on top, after a well-deserved win.