Carrie Saginur Photographs the Best Tacos In and Around Town



A duck and a barbacoa taco from Other Door.

Clare Lawler, Managing Editor

Every LFHS student seems to have their go-to taco place. Some commons favorites include the iconic Mean Wiener, conveniently located Other Door, and the new but delicious La Plancha Loca.

Senior Carrie Saginur runs her own taco-centric food Instagram, @northshoretacotour. She started her food Instagram as a joke and does not take herself too seriously, but truly does love tacos. 

Carrie Saginur, the owner of @northshoretacotour

“It was a great excuse to spend all my money on tacos this summer,” Saginur said.

On her Instagram, she posts pictures of practically every taco she eats, giving it a rating out of five and brief explanation of why they received the rating.

As a harsh critic, the perfect taco appears to be an elusive dream for Saginur. When pressed, Saginur said the tortilla is of utmost importance.

“[The tortilla] must be the perfect thickness so as to not distract from the flavor of the filling but also be able to carry it without ripping.”

Of course, the filling is vitally important as well. Saginur’s personal favorite filling is barbacoa.

Tacos are a meal suited for anyone because there are so many different options. Saginur says her go-to taco order is a beef barbacoa, but al pastor is definitely the runner up.

Carrie’s post of a beef barbacoa and al pastor taco from Mean Wiener.

“Al pastor is always good and definitely the most iconic and traditional type of taco, so it really shows the quality of the restaurant if they have a good al pastor taco,” said Saginur.

There is an abundance of taco restaurants on the North Shore, ranging from sit down restaurants such as Milwalky Tacos in Libertyville to more casual spots like the LFHS student favorite, Mean Wiener in Highwood.

Saginur’s two favorite taco places in the North Shore are Other Door, in Lake Bluff, and Mean Wiener, in Highwood. She believes Other Door is more customizable, but Mean Wiener’s tortillas are superior.

If you find yourself with extra time—or a taco craving—make sure to check out taco connoisseur Carrie Saginur’s recommendations of the best tacos in town.

Bartaco’s fish and carnitas tacos.