Best Meat-Free Burgers on the North Shore


Clare Lawler, Managing Editor

As a lifelong vegetarian, I consider myself somewhat of a veggie burger connoisseur. These days, more and more people are going vegetarian—or at least trying to reduce their meat intake—for environmental, health, or personal reasons. 

Being vegetarian is easier than it sounds; you can still enjoy delicious burgers without the meat! Whether it be veggie burgers, mushroom burgers, or the controversial fake meat burger, here are the best places to get your plant-based burgers on the North Shore.

Chief’s Pub

Conveniently located in downtown Lake Forest, Chief’s offers a delicious Beyond Burger. Chief’s is known for their extensive burger menu and it is easy to sub out a classic beef patty for a Beyond patty! The Beyond Burger is slightly different from the Impossible Burger and personally, I prefer the Beyond Burger. At Chief’s, my go-to order is The Foresters Burger—with a Beyond patty!

Shake Shack

Shake Shack is a little bit of a hike from Lake Forest, but so worth it. Beloved by many, it would be easy to convince friends to make the trek with you. Shake Shack only offers one veggie burger, the ‘shroom burger. This patty is made up of a portobello mushroom coated in melted cheese—and deep-fried. It is to die for. This is by far my favorite burger on the list and I strongly recommend trying one if you haven’t before!


Merely minutes from LFHS, Meathead’s is simple to get to. Because of their drive-thru, it is an appealing option for a quick lunch or dinner. Meathead’s veggie burger is an Impossible Burger, a plant-based fake meat patty similar to the Beyond Burger. Similarly to Chief’s Pub, Meathead’s is known for their signature burgers, so it is easy to sub out a typical beef patty for an Impossible patty—or create your own! I recommend designing your own dream burger because it can be done so effortlessly. 

Michael’s Chicago-Style Red Hots

Located in downtown Highland Park, Michael’s is a North Shore staple. Although their name suggests hot dogs, their burgers are their best offering. This veggie burger is a classic, made up of vegetables and soy. Although terribly messy, I love this veggie burger because the toppings are fantastic—you get to make your own! I strongly recommend getting Merkt’s cheese on yours; it perfectly complements the veggie patty.