The Dish: BurgerFi

Season 2, Episode 2

Luke Davis and Wilson Irvin

While looking for a nice juicy burger and fresh-cut fries, one might want to venture down south to Burgerfi in Glenview. A place of burgers, fresh-cut fries, hotdogs, and shakes is sure to fill you up. With only one location in the state of Illinois, Burgerfi shows us why it is a premium burger joint. Located a 30-minute drive from the high school, it can be quite far to reach, unless you run the mood for a great burger. 


Atmosphere: 8/10

When first walking into Burgerfi, you walk into a nice open space with some chill pop music in the background. Three or four televisions are surrounding you which compliments the wood plank walls and overhanging lights. However, aside from the TVs and the music, there wasn’t much going on in Burgerfi. The environment was pretty average and was nothing special, but having the TVs playing Monday Night Football helped raise their atmosphere rating to an 8/10. 


Service: 8/10

After walking into Burgerfi, we were immediately greeted with a “Welcome to Burgerfi” from the employee running the register. They only had about three or four employees working so that was about the only interaction we had with them aside from getting our food. After ordering it only took them about 3 minutes to have our food out and ready, which is impressive for a burger and fries. The employees that were working were totally fine with us filming in their restaurant, and allowed us to film just about everything. We were very appreciative of the quick time they got our food out to us, and that helped them earn an 8/10 for their service. 


Food Quality: 9.5/10

Finding a solid burger place on the North Shore is very common, but finding a burger place of this caliber is rare. The burger was cooked to perfection, and the toasted and buttered bun complimented the burger perfectly. There wasn’t too much bacon on the burger so the flavor of the bacon wasn’t taking over the burger, but instead, adding to it. The cheese was melted to just the right amount so that the burger did not taste too much like cheese. The fresh-cut fries were also delicious, having been cooked in peanut oil, lightly salted and covered in cheese. Helping round out our final rating was a strawberry shake that was sweet and made with real strawberries. Not only that, but they imprinted the logo of Burgerfi onto the bun of the burger. This final touch helped bring the final rating up to an astounding 9.5/10. 


Affordability: 7/10 

Most burger places where high schoolers go are relatively cheap, but Burgerfi however, is more on the expensive end. For a burger, fries and fountain drink, the total was $17.90, which is not ideal for a high school student. For a burger and a shake, the total was less but still came out to an expensive $13.10. Considering the quality of the food, the price was more reasonable but still overpriced, which led the affordability to earn a 7/10. 


Overall: 4 out of 5 spears