Fall Fashion Trends

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Fall Fashion Trends

CC Carter, Staff Writer

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This past Monday was the first official day of fall, and we are ready to fully convert from summer style to a fall wardrobe. 

As students start to get back into the swing of the school year, we start to figure how our style is going to evolve over the course of the next year. While we transition from summer to fall and the days get colder, there will definitely be a change in the style we see in our hallways. 

Picking out an outfit every day can be a challenge, so here of some of the newest summer/fall trends that can be an inspiration for the upcoming autumn months!


The first trend is hair ribbons! This effortless look has been really popular, especially in the halls of LFHS, as we transition from summer to fall. This accessory is the perfect way to add a whimsical, dainty, yet simple flair to your outfit. You can find a variety of different hair accessories like these on the Free People website or in store.

Another trend that you can see as we switch seasons is small hoop earrings. This minimalistic trend can be worn alone, with one hoop, or stacked with multiple hoops at one time! This simple piece of jewelry can be a big statement and add so much to your outfit! When looking to add this statement piece to your look, Brandy Melville can be the place to shop! They have a variety of different styles, along with colors and sizes as well. 

The third trend that you can expect to see this fall season is oversized sweaters! Oversized sweaters can be worn with any pant and almost any shoe because it is such a versatile article of clothing! Whether your sweater is paired with skinny or boyfriend jeans, boots or sneakers, hair up or hair down, you can style this top to fit almost every look. Oversized sweaters can be found at almost any women’s clothing store. However, Topshop has been seen to really outdo themselves with a variety of different styles to fit every need. 

Shoes have proven themselves to be sometimes the most crucial element of an outfit. One fall fashion shoe that is trending right now is Dr. Martens. Known for being cute in almost any color, they are a versatile shoe that can be worn with a variety of outfits and styles. For example, this shoe can be worn with any look from jeans and a sweater to even a dress! The most common place to purchase these statement shoes is the Dr. Martens website itself. 

The most popular style of pants changes vastly with the season. This season, two common pants you can expect are bell-bottom and boot-cut jeans! Yes, we know, they are making a comeback. During the fall of last year, boyfriend jeans were probably the most popular staple in terms of pants, but are now converting back to boot cut and bell-bottom jeans. Free People is definitely one of the most common stores that is capitalizing in bringing back this style.

The last trend that can be seen during this transition period of the school year is dark nail colors. Dark nails have always been a staple of the fall season, and have yet to go out of style! These dark colors can be anyone from a dark burgundy all the way to black. However, one of the most popular colors this fall season is navy! In terms of purchasing these colors, Essie is always  reliable place to stay updated on the latest trends and colors. 

Hope you enjoyed these fall fashion trends!