Sneak of the Week: junior Evie Frentzas


CC Carter, Staff Writer

Junior Evie Frentzas is rocking light blue suede Nike high tops with navy laces. This two-tone sneaker can be sported with almost any outfit due to its simplicity and sleekness. Evie pairs this look with navy blue camo leggings from Alo, to keep up with the blue theme in her outfit.

Nike high tops are very popular right now and can be seen across all grades and genders. However, Evie makes a statement with these suede Nikes, which are rather new to the halls of LFHS.

These high tops add so much to her look, as do any Nike sneakers. Hopefully we will be seeing more shoes as fun and stylish as these.

Thanks for keeping the hallways stylish, Evie! Stay tuned for next week’s Sneak of the Week.