Everything to know about Peer Advanced

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Everything to know about Peer Advanced

Ava Manelis, Editor-in-Chief

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For one student, Peer Advanced gave them a safe place to go to with issues they didn’t feel comfortable disclosing to an adult. For another, it offered them a break from their busy course load where they could just sit back, relax, and talk to new friends. 

Led by juniors and seniors with no adults in the room, Peer Advanced is a weekly student-led discussion group where participants explore topics that impact everyone in our school, but are rarely talked about openly. It’s designed as a place for every student in every grade.

From dealing with parent expectations to helping a friend who is struggling with an eating disorder, students get together in their study halls and share ideas to help everyone at LFHS. The kids of Peer Advanced hope these conversations can help make LFHS the best and healthiest school it can be. 

The program started last year, and  most study halls had a Peer Advanced group that met for half of the block period every week. This year, the program is back and hoping to gain even more participants.

The process to join the group is simple — Peer Advanced “Sherpas” (the leaders of the group) will walk around to every study hall next week and pass around a sign-up sheet. After you sign up, you will get a text from your leaders on when and where to meet that week.

Once you’ve joined Peer Advanced, or even before if you are interested, you can become a Sherpa for other Peer Advanced groups, or participate in “Peer Advanced 2,” the second level of Peer Advanced. 

Senior Caroline Murphy was a Sherpa last year and said the program was a fun way to meet new friends.

It’s so much fun being able to connect with younger students I don’t know as a Sherpa and getting to have fun and learn new things with them”

— Caroline Murphy


Senior and fellow Sherpa Lilly Neil also appreciated meeting students.

“It’s a great way to meet new people and just take a break in the day to sit and talk,” she said.

For these two, Peer Advanced is a time to take a break and meet new friends, but the possibilities of what this group can do for you is endless.

Keep an eye out for Sherpas in your study halls this week; they can help you join a program that will start the climb to a better LFHS for all.