LFHS style trends from the first week of school


Ava Manelis, Editor-in-Chief

With going back to school comes going back to waking up at the crack of dawn and trying to pick out the perfect outfit for that day. There have been many trends popping up at LFHS these first few weeks of school, both old and new, that you can use in your daily outfits. Here are just a few!


The first trend is JEWELRY! Whether it be multiple earrings or dangly earrings, or stacked necklaces, jewelry has been huge these first few weeks of school. This adds a fun element to a simple outfit and can make you look more put together in general. Next time you find yourself wondering what you can add to an outfit, throw on some fun earrings or a necklace or two!

Air Force Ones and New Balances have been two shoes seen in the halls this first week of school a lot. Both guys and girls have completed their outfits with these simple kicks, some people even spicing them up with trendy socks sticking out of the top! They are perfect for any outfit and come in a variety of colors and styles to match any personality.

Along with all of these trends, tie skirts have been popping up more and more. These skirts take the classic denim or flowy skirt to a new level, by just adding the wrap aspect. They can be found in any color and many different styles, and are perfect for when you want to dress up a little at school!

Another trend from these first few weeks of school is fun summer bracelets. Although they were more popular in the summer, having a wrist full of bracelets has still been in during the school year. Whether they are beaded or friendship bracelets, these bracelets are sure to add a pop of color and fun to any outfit. 

A final trend seen at LFHS is graphic tees. These casual tops are so comfy but so cute. They can be paired with jeans, shorts, or even a skirt, and can be layered over a long-sleeve skirt if needed. This is one of my favorite trends, as it’s so easy but cute!


So, next time you want to spice up your style, try one of these trends out! 🙂