Scouts Season Ends, But Should Not Be Remembered For One Game

Scouts Fall 13-0 To Fremd to End Their Season, But The Memories Live On

AJ Shaw, Staff Writer

SCHAUMBURG — They were family from the first practices back in February until the final out of Saturday’s game.

Sure, the final score was a blowout, a 13-0 loss to the Fremd Vikings in the sectional championship game, but a result from an important game should not be the way the 2019 Lake Forest Scouts are remembered.

Sure, people may remember the 2019 Scouts as a team that won 25 games, made it through three rounds of the playoffs, a team built off of great pitching and a quality offensive unit.

But that is not what it should be remembered for. The 2019 LFHS Baseball team should be remembered for the family that was developed among the players and coaches.

“I have been incredibly lucky to be a part of this team,” said Will Davis. “The love and genuine care we have for each other is something truly special.. We’re a brotherhood.”

The ending of the game on Saturday was something that was unscripted and full of heart that even the cruelest person in the world would shed a tear to, as the family came together to say goodbye for the final time this season.

“It was bittersweet because this is the last time the team would come together, but we all knew that the bond that was created will last forever,” said Coach Ray Del Fava.

Del Fava said from the beginning of the season that the team will remember the fond memories from the season instead of the wins and losses. It is clear that will be with the players for eternity.

“This is the best team that I have ever been on,” said captain Peter Turelli, “not just because of our [god-given] ability, but because of the family we have built on and off the field. These guys are my friends for life.”


And that about does it. To all the readers who checked in every week to read about the Scouts, I thank you for reading these game recaps and I am looking forward to covering the team next season as well. I want to thank Coach Del Fava for his insight each and every recap, and I also want to thank the players who gave me quotes for each article and took the time out of their busy schedules to assist with the pieces.

I also want to thank Mr. Leyden, John Torosian, and Joey Goodsir for their assistance in reporting on the team this year through their editing/writing advice. I appreciate the help on that end.

Thank you all to the great fans who came out and supported the team this year and in the playoff run as well. You are the best Scout Nation!

To all the seniors, you will be missed greatly by everyone here at the high school, and we all here at The Forest Scout wish you the best of luck in your college lives and future endeavors. You will be family until the end.


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