“What’s it Like Having Your Mom at School?”

A short story of Sam Tomek and her mother, LFHS Dean Mrs. Michelene Tomek.


Nathaniel Martin, Staff Writer

For most people it’s a classical wonder: what would it be like if my parents worked at my school? What would it be like to have my parents be my teacher or my principal?

For freshman Sam Tomek, this isn’t some hypothetical; it’s real life. Her mom is LFHS Dean Mrs. Michelene Tomek.

Contrary to popular folklore, the student experience isn’t different from anyone else for Sam. She understandably deals with the same things every other highschooler deals with — grades, friends, finals — but she has someone in her corner at school everyday.

“It nice to have someone you’re comfortable with here,” Sam said. “It’s comforting to know I have a shoulder to lean on.”

However, having her mom on staff at LFHS has provided Sam some unique experiences.

Mrs. Tomek commented that Sam’s familiarity with most LFHS staff members can surprise other students who aren’t familiar with Sam’s connections.

“[Sam] walked in at Turnabout and Mr. Lesniak was like, “Sam!” and [Sam’s] date was a little overwhelmed,” Mrs. Tomek said.

It’s a different experience for Mrs. Tomek, too. Having to devote her attention to her students at school instead of her daughter can be a challenge. But Mrs. Tomek finds ways to be both Mrs. Tomek the dean and mom on a typical school day.

“In the lunchroom I’ll go and check in with her,” Mrs. Tomek said, “But I purposely let her be her own students.”

Sam was quick to add that Mrs Tomek will “steal a fry or two” during these visits.

The best part about having her daughter at school for Mrs. Tomek however, are the “stolen moments”. But that does come with some fun stories.

“Every once in a while her teachers will come up and share a little fun fact that most parents don’t get,” Mrs. Tomek said.