Sport Scouts (Episode 14: Season Finale)

The 2018-19 Grand Finale (wsg Connor Clark)


Joey Goodsir

A mosaic of episode covers in the past to get the nostalgia flowing in this last episode.


Although AJ Shaw did not make his expected appearance, Joey Goodsir and Michael Raupp are still joined by Connor Clark, the voice of LFHS Football/Basketball and longtime special guest, to preview the NBA Finals, discuss a potential NFL Lockout, talk Stanley Cup Final, Cubs Baseball, NBA Offseason, French Open, Tiger at the Memorial, College Baseball, Stephen A. Smith and much much more. Besides taking your final calls of the year on the Blackhawks going into the summer, Derek Dietrich, and tennis matches featuring a longtime-caller-first-time-listener (who may or may not attempt to storm into the studio again), the trio say goodbye to an awesome year of Sport Scouts! (Recorded May 30, 2019).


The Sport Scouts crew would like to thank everyone for listening to the podcast over these 17 episodes! It has been quite a blast to produce and we appreciate all the support – it really makes the show what it is (Thanks to – and you know who you are – Mr. Juliano, Mr. Holmer, Mr. Leyden, Carson Ward, Ryan Peters, Connor Clark, AJ Shaw, Mark Smirnov, our editorial leaders, and all the others for being a big part of that). If you would like to contact us please leave a message in our voicemail box at (224) 544-9330 or email us at [email protected]


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MUSIC: “Jeopardy!” – Merv Griffin, “WIN” – Jay Rock