Attending LFHS with a Sibling


Logan Hanekamp

When walking through the LFHS halls, you may take a second glance at someone and recognize him or her, but not actually know who he or she is. This happens to me all the time. I often see someone walking down the hallway and really think I know who they are. In reality, they just look like someone I know. Then I will go to my next class, and I will randomly realize the person I just saw was the sibling of someone I know. The halls of LFHS are filled with siblings. Most LFHS students seem to express positive feelings about going to high school with their siblings. Whether students have a sibling older, younger, or even in the same grade as they are, these students seem to really enjoy being at LFHS with their sibling.

Older Sibling

Attending high school with a sibling is one thing, but attending high school with an older sibling comes with many perks. There are so many benefits that come with having an older sibling at school with you. If your older sibling drives to school, you’ve got it easy. Older siblings are super beneficial when it comes to getting to school. With an older sibling it is easy to hop into their car every morning and drive to school together. If you have an older sibling who is a senior, that is even a better perk because you get the potential luxury of walking into school from the close-by senior parking lot.

“I really liked going to school with my two older brothers,” junior Marley Heitman adds. “I got to know a lot about the high school before I even went. I found out which teachers I should try and get and what classes I should take. It is so fun to see them in hallways and i know that if I needed anything they would help me out,” Heitman said.

Academically, if your older sibling has taken a class before, they can help you out if you need it. They can also give you advice on certain teachers and what certain teachers act like or require from their students.

“I loved having my sister Sheridan with me at school. It was nice because she gave me advice on what classes I should take and it just made my freshman year so much better because she was always there if I had a question. Simply seeing her in the halls that first week of school was super comforting,” said senior Ashley Bufe.

Younger Sibling

While having an older sibling seems like the best, many LFHS students absolutely love going to high school with their younger siblings. LFHS students agree that having a younger sibling is nice to be able to check on them from time to time, but also annoy them outside of the house.

“Having a younger sibling at the school helps you make new friends in new grades. You also get a broader perspective on the social aspects of each grade,” senior Michael Pasquella said.

Along with meeting new people in new grades, having a younger sibling also helps if you need someone to talk to if you don’t want to vent to any of your friends.

“I love going to school with my siblings. I think my favorite part about having younger siblings at school with me is that I get to see them in the hallway and I get to know a bunch of the underclassmen,” senior Margaux Miller said.

Younger siblings are extremely nice to have because it is fun to walk with someone from the car to school. You know more people by having a sibling in younger grade and it is fun to see your younger sibling walking through the hall with their friends and being able to say hello to all of them.

“If I forget something I can always ask my sister. It is nice to always have someone to hang out with in the morning,” senior Lily Connery said about going to school with her younger sister. “If you’re annoyed about something during school, you can always find them and talk to them if you need an outlet.”

Sibling in the Same Grade

Having a sibling in the same grade as you is a bit different, but some LFHS students argue it’s even better. They understand the stress you are going through at the same time you are. Siblings in the same grade tend to go through many things together and it is always nice to have a family member understand what you are going through.

“It’s really nice having my twin in the same grade at the same school as me. I always have someone to talk to about classes and teachers, as they are usually similar. Also it was really comforting to have someone to always walk into hard tests like the ACT with,” said senior Kenleigh Theis about her twin sister Caroline Theis.

When having a sibling in the same grade, they can either be your “built-in-best-friend” or just someone you can vent to. If you take similar classes, siblings in your own grade come in handy whether it is helping each other out or collaborating with on projects.