19 nominated for educator award



A record 19 educators were nominated for The Distinguished Educators Award this week.

Each staff members was nominated by a senior, who was asked to write a letter detailing how the staff members influenced his/her life. A winner will be chosen soon, and the student letter will be read at graduation.

The award is in honor of Tom Wing, a LFHS teacher who died in 2003.

Steve Aronson
Jessica Cole
Steve Douglass
Matt Fiordirosa
Jennifer Gatta
Janene Kessler
Carolyn Konz
Cheryl Kyrias
Blaine Lakin
Meaghan Laughlin
Kristen Logas
Peter Lubliner
Donna Lovitsch
Dan Maigler
Tia Rupnik
Rebecca Sorensen
John Wanninger
Ray Werner
Andrea Westrich