Sport Scouts (Episode 13)

Legend of the Fab Five Returns, Cubs Walkoffpalooza, Hoops Finals/Hockey Final Preparations, and Jockeyless Horses (wsg Mark Smirnov)


Joey Goodsir

Joey is joined by Mark Smirnov for Stanley Cup Final coverage. For this week’s fashion, Goodsir reps the Maize and Blue in reaction to the big Juwan Howard hire, and Smirnov’s shirt reminds us of just how exciting the Cubs are right now.

Joey Goodsir and Michael Raupp


Joey and Michael discuss the recent action as the Golden State Warriors, Milwaukee Bucks, and Toronto Raptors close in on the NBA Finals, react to Brooks Koepka’s PGA Championship win (and Tiger Woods’ missed cut), and bring attention to major rules developments in the major sports leagues. They also give their takes Michigan Basketball’s hiring (and homecoming) of former player and Fab Five member Juwan Howard as head coach. Besides taking your calls on the results of the Preakness Stakes and Scouts Baseball, Goodsir sits down with Sport Scouts hockey regular guest Mark Smirnov to preview the Boston Bruins and St. Louis Blues’ matchup in the Stanley Cup Final (Recorded Thursday, May 23).


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MUSIC: “Dirty Water” – The Standells (Boston Bruins Win Song), “Gloria” – Laura Branigan (St. Louis Blues Win Song)