Scouts Try to Make Some Noise at Illinois State Meet


Connor Clark

Following a run to state by the Scouts’ Cross Country Team, the Track Team is matching that feat as many athletes from the Lake Forest Track Team have qualified for state. This was a goal that has been set since February 4th, when the Track Team first started practices- running and training in the cold, getting out early, and getting ready to succeed.

Who Qualified?
Junior- Ben Rosa- 1600m run
4x200m team:
Freshman- Jahari Scott
Senior- Kean O’Connor
Senior- Tyler Trachsel
Senior- Jonathon Phalen

All of these athletes have been outstanding for the Scouts. Ben Rosa is known for looking like he is “gliding” down the track while running in races, making it look so effortless. Freshman Jahari Scott has put the state on notice that he is here to dominate the track scene for the next three years of his high school career, being the only freshman qualifying for State for the Scouts. Then you have the seniors, Kean O’Connor, Tyler Trachsel, and Jonathan Phalen. These are all phenomenal athletes and this is their last chance to make their mark on the school’s Track Team. This team is hungry to get out there and try and win this thing following a year when the team came up just short of State at the sectional meet. Good luck to these five athletes and go represent LFHS with pride! Go Scouts!