Tech director made big impact in short time, students say


Annie Burdiak, Staff Writer

This past school year, LFHS had the opportunity to witness technical director and musician Joe Aquino make his impact on the school.

Aquino is an alumnus and former member of the tech crew, who graduated in the Class of 2011 and then graduated from Michigan State University.

Once the job of technical director opened up, Aquino made his return to his alma mater with the same burning passions that he graduated with.

“It’s a program that I really care about,” said Aquino. “When the opportunity arose to help influence it in what I consider is the right direction and leave my mark on it, I took my chance.”

However, at the end of this year Aquino will be stepping down from his position as technical director.

Sophomore and member of Lowkey Treble Kailey Albus said she will miss Aquino’s optimism and sense of humor the most, as well as the light he brings to every room he enters.

“Whenever I’m not having the best day, I can always count on Joe to give me a reason to smile,” said sophomore and member of Lowkey Treble Kailey Albus.

Aquino started LowKey Treble, the first a-cappella group at LFHS. If anyone has had the chance to see this group interact with one another and with Aquino on or off of the stage, it is evident that what Aquino created was not only a singing group, but a family.

Albus  described him as “a genuine, hardworking, and driven individual who strives for perfection in everything he does.”

Aquino’s passion for all things music, tech, and theatre has clearly rubbed off on the students who he leads, whether in tech or music.

“He reminds us that music isn’t just about creating a satisfying sound, it is about sparking an emotion or passion within yourself that reminds you of why you love to perform,” said Albus.

Not only did Aquino have a positive influence on the music department, but he also helped to propel the tech department forward, junior member of the tech crew Isabel Wiesner said. As a result of his exit, the tech department will be losing a valuable resource, but the tech crew members will also be losing a friend and mentor next year.

Wiesner said Aquino ”makes tech crew feel like a family, and even when we end up working for entire Saturdays or staying until 10 p.m. after school during tech week, he always keeps a positive attitude and makes working fun.”

But what Aquino brought to the table that made him even more of a role model for those who studied under him was his ability to integrate himself with the students he was teaching, Wiesner said.

“Joe never made us feel like he was a teacher or adult that we had to be afraid of. He always listened and collaborated with us, which is something I’m really grateful for and going to miss,” she said.

Aquino played a big part in the success of the school’s musical this year, All Shook Up.

Senior and fourth year musical member Nikole Tzioufas said Aquino was such a big help during the process of the musical, specifically with the set.

“Because of Joe and his determination to perfect his craft, this year our sets were done weeks before the show, and it made the overall tech week less stressful for everyone involved in the production,” said Tzioufas.

Although he was only here for one year, Aquino said that his experience here was overall a beneficial one and he leaves changed for the better.

“I have learned so much not only from the job and professionally, but I’ve also learned a lot from each and every one of you guys that I have interacted with. I feel like I am coming out a more complete and whole person than I was coming into the job,” said Aquino.