High School Track Star Sets State, National Records


Kyle Platt

Matt Boling is a senior at Houston Strake Jesuit in Houston, Tx. Making him stand out from the millions of other kids his age is the title: fastest man in the country. In the past few weeks, videos of Boling’s world class speed have gone viral as he dominates the Texas track and field world. His most notable recent race was the 100m dash in which he posted a time of 9.98 seconds, the overall fastest time ever by a high schooler. Although that race was under favorable, wind-aided conditions, Boling continues to prove himself as he more recently won the Texas State title in the 100m race with a time of 10.13, tying the Texas record set in 1986 by Derrick Florence.

In addition to his impressive times in the 100m race, Boling also staged a massive comeback in his team’s 4×4 relay race. Down 3 seconds going into the final lap, Boling, the anchor, came all the way back with a time of 44.74 seconds to secure the victory for his team. Although a 3 second margin seems like an easily surmountable one, in as short a race as the 400m, the victory is nothing short of sensational.

Boling also competes in the long jump, another event in which he is no slouch, setting the best scores this year. But what is perhaps most impressive about Boling’s story is that this is the first year he has run the 100m race. Already making headlines as a high school senior, Boling is sure to further improve his times when he heads to the University of Georgia next year. While he is already drawing comparisons to some of the greatest sprinters of all time, including Usain Bolt and Jesse Owens, the hype around Boling is well deserved and this will certainly not be the last time his name comes up as a national star. In college and further down the road in the Olympics, Boling is sure to turn heads as the next U.S. track star.