Junior incubator team develop revolutionary tabletop garden

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Junior incubator team develop revolutionary tabletop garden

Ava Manelis, Staff Writer

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The Business Incubator program has time after time given students here the opportunity to create and build businesses from scratch.

The InfaGrow Business Incubator group just might be the next successful Business Incubator group. Juniors Andrew Crawford, Lara Keim, Sean Elesh, and Vivian Popov  have joined forces to create a tabletop hydroponic herb and vegetable garden for people living with little or no access to a backyard.

This unique garden, as group member Sean Elish said, “is an exciting and unique opportunity to solve an actual problem.” He said the garden is something that can make a real impact on the lives of their customers.

Their one-of-a-kind hydroponic gardens work without soil and use infrared technology to keep the plants at optimal growing conditions. Their gardens also kill bacteria, which means healthy produce and a clean garden for anyone who uses one.

“We want everyone who owns an Infragrow garden to feel motivated and excited to use homegrown herbs and vegetables in their everyday lives,” said Popov.

Their garden prototype made its debut at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show on March 23, in which over 35,000 people were able to come to see it. It has also been featured at the Palatine, Evanston, and Grayslake farmers markets.

The team of four said they cannot wait to see what their business holds in the future as they continue to grow and share their product with more people.

“We are passionate about what we’ve worked on, and we are innovative and dedicated towards growing our business,” said Crawford.

If you want to learn more about their business, check out their website for more information or visit their Facebook page, “InfraGrow Gardens.”

For a look at more Incubator businesses, attend the Pitch Night on June 3. 17 teams will have the opportunity to pitch their business plans in a “Shark Tank” style format to a Board of Directors and private investors in hopes of winning prize money and possibly funding to launch their business.