Take Journalism


Danny Fisher

Dear Readers of The Forest Scout,

Take Journalism.

When I was informed of the current three journalism classes being moved to a smaller two in the upcoming 2019-2020 school year, I was baffled. If anything, I would’ve thought more students would be chomping at the bit to be featured in a groundbreaking school newspaper.

Started and managed as an English elective by Mr. Lance Ferges, TFS gave students a voice that can be shared. Former LFHS teacher Austin Scott then took over the class and continued the tradition in excellence. Senior Carter Horan, contributing editor, explained that, “Students actually have an impact on the community and spark much needed conversations in the Lake Forest and Lake Bluff area.”

While I may be a little biased as a contributor for TFS, during my junior year (prior to my involvement with the class), I checked the website for informing articles and funny shows all the time. Journalism develops writers of the future. Many of the alums and current members of the class have taken their talents to schools pursuing a journalism degree to have their voice in our ever complicated world.

Not only does Journalism create an environment for you to express your own ideas, it also counts for English credit. Managing editor John Torosian raves about the class as, “It’s a great way to work on stuff you find interesting and get to know people you wouldn’t otherwise meet.”

From “The Friday Five” to “Commons Knowledge,” The Forest Scout thrives on its student leadership. There are endless opportunities to get involved, whether it would be creating videos, making podcasts, or writing what is on your mind, Journalism has it all. I suggest you take a chance to express your own voice, one that will be heard.