NBA Draft Lottery


Stephen Young

Following the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery, there were millions of angry fans across the world. Many of these fans go as far as to say the league is fixed, and the lottery is rigged. Despite the fact that this idea sounds ridiculous, there are several reasons that point to this conclusion. Here are the top three reasons why the NBA is fixed.

The Los Angeles Lakers rig the Draft Lottery

Due to the fact that the Lakers received the fourth overall pick, many people threw out the idea that the Lakers rigged the draft. However, this only strengthens the argument that they did indeed rig it. If the Lakers were to rig it for the first overall pick to receive Zion Williamson, it would have been way too obvious. Same goes for the second overall pick: the Lakers lack an elite point guard, and Ja Murrant would fill that spot. Instead, the Lakers rigged the lottery for the fourth overall pick, a high enough pick to help the team immensely, but low enough to not raise too many eyebrows.

Anthony Davis drama turned into the No. 1 pick

Although many believe that the Pelicans getting the first overall pick proves that the NBA is not rigged due to the fact that it would be best for television ratings for him to go to a high market team such as New York or Los Angeles; this is proved wrong with Anthony Davis’s trade rumors. Around the trade deadline last season, Anthony Davis became the biggest name in the NBA as trade reports filled the news feed in the sports world. This brought a lot of attention to New Orleans. Now, with the first overall pick, all eyes or on the Pelicans as Zion Williamson encourages one of the league’s superstars to stay. Now, the NBA has another team for fans to bandwagon, leading to higher ticket sales and television ratings, When looking at the big picture, this all sounds like a TV show: a drama filled season for superstar Anthony Davis turns into him getting a teammate who is compared to Lebron James.

The Bulls spent all their money on Derrick Rose, now they only have enough money for the 7th pick

Years ago when the Chicago Bulls had a 1% chance of getting hometown hero Derrick Rose, the NBA Draft Lottery became highly questionable. Suspicions rose as many believed the Bulls rigged the lottery for a player that would bring success to the franchise for the next fifteen years. However, everyone knows how that story turned out. After this unexpected turn for the worse, the Bulls are out of money because they spent it all on the number one pick, and now they can only afford the number seven pick.

Year after year, drama enters the NBA that angers fans across the world. Whether it’s Kevin Durant joining the Warriors, DeMarcus Cousins joining the Warriors, or the lottery not going the way fans wanted it to go, fans are always mad at the league. Whether it’s rigged or just happened to work out this way, the NBA is still fun to watch and provides entertainment for people across the world.