Because there are no genuine political parties or factions in Student Council — only the general pro-student involvement, pro-philanthropy, pro-school spirit caucus that has held power for the last several years — election results do not reflect a paradigm shift in the ideology of those in government, merely a shuffle of the names. The Forest Scout now presents those names.

Overall Cabinet

Sarah Bires and Bridget Mitchell will head Student Council for the next school year, as President and Vice President respectively. Their platforms during the election were largely in sync, and the two currently serve together on the elected Junior Cabinet. We can expect a harmonious executive branch centered on school spirit, environmental sustainability, student philanthropy, and inclusiveness moving forward.

Senior Class Cabinet

Rising seniors elected Haley Banta and Lexie Conley to be their Class President and Spirit Committee Chair in uncontested elections. Their administration will likely be a spirit-centered, forward-minded one, with an emphasis on leaving a positive legacy at LFHS during the Class of 2020’s last year ‘neath the blue and the gold.

That last turn of phrase may not apply to Rylie Mills and other Notre Dame-bound alumni, but the gentle reader surely gets the idea.

Junior Class Cabinet

Will Elliot, Morgan Bielski, and Erica O’Neil will head next year’s Junior Class Cabinet. Junior year is an eventful one, but the Class of 2021 will be able to rest easy under the leadership of the moviemaker, the Lake Bluffer, and the horseback rider.

Also of note is that President-elect Elliot is to date the only Student Council official or candidate to use technology as an apparatus of student government. Juniors can expect an active and well-informed class student council.

Sophomore Class Cabinet

Joey Nassar, Charlotte Andress, and Elizabeth Miczuga will serve next year’s sophomores on the Sophomore Cabinet. They can be expected to ensure that sophomores are represented within Student Council.



There are currently 1,569 students attending LFHS, according to enrollment statistics held by the Registrar. Of these, 1,173 were eligible to vote in this most recent election, as the 396 seniors at the school were barred from voting. The electorate overall decreased in size, from 1,212 last year, according to 2017/18 enrollment statistics.

Turnout statistics released to The Forest Scout by Student Council indicate that 609 of the eligible voters — 231 freshmen, 204 sophomores, and 174 juniors — cast ballots, up from 604 last year. Overall turnout stood at 51.9 percent, up from approximately 49.8 percent last year; freshmen and juniors had the highest and lowest turnout rates at 59.7 percent and 44.3 percent, respectively. Sophomore turnout was intermediate, at 51.9 percent.