Graduation Party Ideas


Shaffer Franklin

As June comes into view, so does graduation and the many graduation parties that follow. There are so many different themes one can use to make their party unique, and perfect for them!

Here are some different ways you can spice up your graduation party!

Ways to Include Guests / Entertainment:

  • “Words of Wisdom”
    • A jar where guests can write down well wishes and advice to the graduate as they continue their journey in life







  • Photo booth with large balloons in the graduation year or different props







  • Have a globe for other seniors to sign to show where they are going
  • “Who knows the graduate best?” Game
  • Instagram look-a-like photo prop

Food and Drinks:

  • Candy bar, full of an assortment of candy






  • Taco Bar
  • Cupcakes- decorate with graduation cap or arrange them to be in the shape of the graduation year











  • Specific to the college you are attending
    • Decorate with your college colors and mascot
    • School colored balloons
  • Photo Collage
    • Baby photos, high school photos, and all other age photos
    • You can also arrange the photos into certain letters, like the initials of the graduate
  • String lights
  • Many balloons
  • Graduation Banner to hang on your door