Sport Scouts (Episode 11)

Derby Replay Controversy, Cubbie Ghosts of 2016 (?), and LeBron/NBA Stuff


Joey Goodsir

The Sport Scouts crew gets back to basics. Goodsir dons his Hartford Whalers jersey as a nod to the team they became (Carolina Hurricanes) and their quest for the cup, as well as a Kentucky Derby hat in the wake of this year’s controversial result.

Joey Goodsir and Michael Raupp


Joey and Michael reflect on the unexpected proceedings at the 2019 Kentucky Derby that brought up crucial conversation about the impact of replay review in sports. The two also talk about the recent excitement from Wrigley Field while Michael tries not to lose his voice, in addition to NBA/NHL playoff coverage and your interesting calls, in a fun guest-less episode on this busy AP week (Recorded Thursday, May 9).


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MUSIC: “Triple Crown Theme” (NBC Horse Racing Theme Song) — David Arkenstone