Top Five 00’s Songs To Play in Your Car


Luca Pasinato

In the brand new century, the music industry was trying fresh new styles that no one saw coming that shaped music for the future. With rap taking off and becoming a more popular kind of music, rappers today draw inspiration from this era of “straight fire” bangers.

Most of the songs on this list are in the rand hip-hop category, but this is a top five list to play in your car, so unless you want to have a boring car ride, then I would definitely recommend playing some of these songs.

1. A Milli– Lil Wayne

To kick off this list, Lil Wayne’s Carter iii album released in 2008 offers a powerful song in A Milli. With a bass that will blow your speakers if played too loud, it is the perfect song to play in your car.

2. Empire State Of Mind– Jay Z & Alicia keys

When you think of Jay-Z, you immediately think of Empire State Of Mind with Alicia Keys. Released in 2009, this song will always be a great song to play in the car.

3. Gold Digger– Kanye West

Kanye West, the most influential rapper, shows us his take on relationships that he has been in. With Jamie Foxx doing the background vocals, it’s a song that will get the whole car singing.

4. Ride Wit Me– Nelly, City Spud  

With a chill vibe to the song that makes you want to roll down the windows and pop off the top, Ride Wit Me, released in 2000, absolutely slaps.

5. Sexyback- Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake, arguably one of the best in pop music, released one of his most popular songs back in 2006. Sexyback has a beat that will get anyone’s head moving back and forth in the car.

Since I’m only doing five songs, there were so many that need to be mentioned, because if it wasn’t held to only five songs, all of these would be on the list.

-Honorable Mentions-

American Boy– Estelle ft. Kanye West — 2008

Hot In Herre– Nelly — 2002

Umbrella- Rihanna, Jay Z — 2007

When You Were Young– The Killers — 2006

Ms. Jackson– OutKast — 2000

I Wanna Love You– Akon Ft. Snoop Dogg — 2006